Friday, August 5, 2016

WDT: Slowly There Is Progress On Zombies

   A long vacant house on Ten Eyck Street seems finally headed or sale, perhaps a result of increased pressure on banks to rid themselves of abandoned and foreclosed properties. Banco Popular has sat on the home for some time since the owners scooted.
    Blight and squatters have been a problem for neighbors.
    If sold, I believe zoning will prevent it's previous use as a multi family but if the price is right a single family might buy it.
    In any event, cleaning it up is a good start.


Anonymous said...

How about all the abandoned houses on the North Side ?
The CC and the Mayor do not seem to be bothered by that.
Maybe because it is not in their neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

It was in Jeff's neighborhood and time on council for 20 years 12:3, short memory you have there.