Saturday, August 6, 2016

WDT: A Nuclear Button Story in Our Local Paper

       See what I mean.....Who wrote this nonsense when Nixon was in the White House seething with paranoia and awash in booze....
       Clearly PerryKos is doing his part.
Watertown Daily Times | The nuclear button US presidents can push at will


Anonymous said...

Nuclear bombs are low on this of destructive devices that threaten our country and humanity. Top on the list is Islam, modern liberalism and centralized governments. Modern liberalism toward immigration and in particular, Islamic immigration has brought the modern world to its breaking point.

If Japan were given the choice between getting hit with the two bombs they were hit with or getting hit with liberal Islamic immigration polices, they would pick the former, knowing it has been proven they could survive the former.

Anonymous said...

Who the heck is this 8:09 guy? With common sense like that, the dannies will feel unsafe and demand a safe zone, and maybe some Freestuff.

Anonymous said...

8:09 AM

Great post. as you might know Japan took in last year only 19 so called refuges.
They have common sense so has Australia.

In the meantime Western Europe let all kind Criminals, Crazies and radical Islamists, IS with false identities and false passports in. who are mainly a sunny army and economic migrants even out of countries like Pakistan, Eritrea, and North African countries.
This 15 year hundred Islamists then rape, kill, abuse and steal form the countries population , will on generous welfare
Sadly the real refugees like Christians or Shiites or Kurds are again victims of this people in the countries they run for shelter.