Tuesday, August 30, 2016

WDT: Morristown Man Seeking Political Comeback Smacked By Old Petition Flap

    Former Morristown Council Member David VanArnam is charged again with fudging nominating petitions a while back as the Big County's DA whines again about lack of staffing stalling justice there.
    Mr. VanArnam is alleged to have circulated petitions but didn;t acturaly witness signatures he attested to.
     Shouldn't do it...don't know if its careless, criminal or just a lack of sophistication...Mostly its small town offices, usually unopposed where petitions are a perfunctory chore viewed as not that important.
     The defendant faces a primary next month in a bid to get back on the board.


Anonymous said...

I hope he gets his job back. As I recall, the signatures were real, and it was just the witnesses who did not really witness.

Anonymous said...

Mary needs a win so she sees this as an easy win...but at what cost? VanArnam screwed up but he should be required to abandon his election bid, not face a felony charge. "Insane Rain" has lost all perspective...time for a new DA. Hopefully the Third Department will fast-track her etbics charges and suspend her license.

Anonymous said...

Hunting season is open and Mary Rain needs a kill.