Saturday, August 13, 2016

WDT: League Rejects Boys and Girls Club Offer

        The North Side League will not become a Boy's and Girl's Club of America, as proposed by the local Children's Home.  Their offer to buy the decaying Mill Street building has been rejected as the remaining members now overseeing the building decided to list the building for sale.
       There are wrinkles in all of this. Assuming a reconstituted ownership has the right to convey title, there is the matter of AG approval needed for an NFP to sell this.  Someone must have fronted the $30K to settle the back taxes and more will be do.
       The Children's Home offer would have provided a means to continue the building as a community based facility and the Home would have the resources to do the job and political juice to get the AG's OK.
       Remaining League officers say whatever sale proceeds there are will be used to set up a scholarship fund. The asking price is $500K. Liabilities include paying back whoever fronted the tax money. There is also a now deceased member who paid off a similar tax bill a few years back. There are lawyers bills to reconstiture the corporation, and realtor commission.  Most other bills are likely written off, but there will be carrying costs to the building in the interim.
        What will end up there ?   Maybe a dollar store. Maybe nothing.
         It's too bad the Boys and Girls Club plan didn't pan out as it would have benefited youth and continued a positive legacy.


Anonymous said...

No wonder they went under. They are run by a bunch of idiots. They would rather get some cash that they will blow through in less than a generation, on stupid baseball games for kids. Rather than have a longstanding club that benefits kids and adults for future generations.

If the children's home took it over, then it would open up the north side to receive some donations and grants. Currently you don't get any perks for the north side because you guys are lower than whale poop, in the eyes of Butler, the media, the rest of city govenrment and the do-gooders on the South Side.

I still am not clear on property tax and if a NFP is exempt. There was one story in the WDT's that alluded to the idea that if anyone had simply applied, the NSIL building would have been tax free all these years. Is that the case? If so, the dolts who run the league are deserving of a medal of condemnation, but also the people in the city who failed to educate the league owners, are equally as disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Asking price is about 2X a reasonable amount. Reminds me of Dalton wanting 'just shy of a million' for his bar. Drop it to 225k and I'll buy it cash.

Anonymous said...

If the children's home wanted to there is plenty of other places including buildings down by production unlimited, the catholic school no longer used, church across from public health, air brake buildings and probably down the road the elementary schools on hoard street.