Friday, August 12, 2016

WDT: How Much Is It Worth....Not Much

   Perry thinks if the price is lowered, someone will buy the naming rights to the Arena. I disagree.
   That lowers the perceived value, and introduces public controvery as well.
    No one wants their name ridiculed on local radio and the Internet, and the local media will not look kindly on potential ad dollars being spent on naming rights.
     I would drop the whole idea and concentrate on having a successful winter season and then build out the other seasons as well.
    Create value. Presently there is none.
    In the meantime time, many businesses might sponsor a small sign in the lobby and that could raise a few dollars, but the notion of getting someone to pay big money is a fool's errand.


Anonymous said...

That's the problem Jeff, 'perceived value'.

Anonymous said...

There is a product out there named "Ooops", maybe the council should pursue that company, it could be the 13 million dollar "Ooops Arena"

Why would any self respecting company want their name associated with that fiasco

Anonymous said...

You make a compelling argument on a faculty lounge professor. All we have to do, to believe in your theory, is ignore the reality of the real world. In this case there are countless examples throughout our county, of businesses who paid for naming rights. And they didn't pay the full bill for the projects that they got the naming rights for.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were talking about the Watertown Daily Times itself. How much is it worth? Not much.

Anonymous said...

Carrier donated about 10% of the $27 million price tag, to get permanent naming rights to the Carrier Dome. That means their name is on national television every time there is a televised game. It means their name is printed on countless schedules and other brochures. It means their name is mentioned on radio newspapers. You never hear any snarky comments because they bought it all for only ten percent.

The $50k minimum bid was probably inspired by the DPAO deal where they charged the main sponsor $50k per year. I think DPAO went from Deal Maker to Toyota in past years. But things have changed a lot since then and a few loud mouths have tainted the naming rights to some extent.

But reluctantly I have to give Perry partial credit, for recognizing the price may be a little steep in today's market. At the same time, the far bigger problem is that someone should be selling this commodity rather than waiting for buyers to show up at the door.