Wednesday, August 24, 2016

WDT: Effect Being Recognized on Business as Road Fix Drags On

      The Factory Street reconstruction challenge is leading to criticism and a recognition the slow as snails process is decimating business. Some may be left in such a precarious spot, they may not recover. One diner reports a 60% loss in business.
       At this point, the neighborhood can just wait it out and hope the latest predictions are true. Opening Mill Street after Labor Day will help, and many merchants are keeping a stiff upper lip, employing gallows humor to get by.


Anonymous said...

In a surprising twist of events, Perrykos is right about something for a change. Although, his closing sentence was lacking. The idea is not to cause as little inconvenience as possible, inconvenience we can live with. The idea is to NOT SHUT DOWN THE BRIDGE ENTIRELY, for weeks on end. The idea is to MAINTAIN TRAFFIC FLOW, even if it is slower and bumpier and has wait times, not completely shut it down in one direction for months on end. And most importantly, the idea is to get the job done at a reasonable pace, to minimize the length of time businesses and commuters are suffering and being roughed up by the bumps.

Also: note that the WDT's picture shows two workers on the project. Lucky they could find THAT many. IN contrast, you will find a much larger crew over on the square, rehabbing the BRVC building and that is a not for profit. The small Factory Street workforce combined with their unusual short hours = a project that last much longer than it should.

Anonymous said...

816 That's because NNYCF has plenty of cash to throw at their new home.

Anonymous said...

8:16, that's ONE worker and one token flag woman.

And does anyone else think it's crazy for perry to bring up the connector road as if there are businesses on the new road that will be disrupted? Was this guy raised by a woman like your typical lefty who has no common sense or real-life experience?