Tuesday, August 16, 2016

WDT: Derrick Opens Watertown Office

    Democratic Congressional candidate Michael Derrick opened his Watertown campaign office yesterday, speaking to supporters..Unfortunately news accounts strayed from the way these things used to be covered and didn't list the prominent or recognizable people there....That's a way we news consumers can judge candidates.
Facebook Photo of Derrick Office Opening in Watertown

    Somebody messaged that a high profile Republican was there.  Don't know who.
    Mr. Derrick talked about jobs, infrastructure and the TPP.
Watertown Daily Times | Derrick talks ground effort, campaign issues while opening Watertown office


Anonymous said...

They were probably talking abut Derrick. He is high profile and he is a Republican. We all suspect that this candidate was put in place by team Stefanik, to keep someone from actually running against her.

The more I think about it, the more I am thinking about voting for this guy. We already own the lower house and will even own it if Trump hurts us (which he won't) So what would be the harm in sending a message to the RINO big spending free trade Harvard Girl? She will surely win anyway. But if by an act of GOD, she ended up losing, it wouldn't hurt our party, it would help it.

Anonymous said...

Addie, you should be tending to your own homefront instead of this failed campaign launch. If you have been his special advisor maybe that is why he and you find yourselves in this situation.

How many times has he been out here, 2, 3 or 4 times in over 1-1/2 years? Another Bill Owens, please advise him how to get his lazy a## out of bed.

He has already lost.

Anonymous said...

wonder who? Guesses?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Adelaide thought she would get some maid work if she appeared. With that big state legislator raise coming up, maybe she won't have to work so many NYC guy's parties.

Anonymous said...

8:51 I'm all in for Stefanik and having to go with Trump as a registered Republican. Like Stefanik she always stated that she would support the nominee and that is the hand she was dealt.

I have more of an issue with this guy than with Woolf. When Woolf wouldn't fess up that he didn't work a day job cause he was living off his wife's inheritance. This candidate reminds me more of Danny more and more. We are supporting this guy for putting in his 20 years and as well as the wife were her 20 years. There should not be any type of retirement military/public that allow these type of people to collect at such a young age. Explain where this candidate or his wife saw any type of combat duty.

Things don't add up, you don't receive any medals for never serving on the front lines in any combat.

But birds of a feather flock together as your post suggested.
Sorry to burst your bubble and you really sound like a Dem. but he is not high profile nor a REpublican. He is just able to fool the more gullible such as yourself.


Anonymous said...

2:45, I am a Dem, like Reagan was a Dem. I didn't leave the party, the party left me. I agree with you that Stefanik's opponent is not really a Republican and he stinks like Wolfy. My point was that as long as we keep the lower House, we can live without Mrs. SuperPACman.

Sure, without her its one less vote for bloated Homeland Security tactical weapons and boats for our sheriff's department. Along with overtime for our Fire department and a "free" fire position, all courtesy of the same vote. But her vote on that kind of thing makes her more a democrat than I ever thought of being.

Anonymous said...

Elise promised jobs to the district, yet we've lost jobs during her term. She has failed to address that very important issue head-on. In contrast she has seemingly ignored it.
Supporting Drum and River hospital is great, but this area needs jobs! I am very disappointed in her and will not be voting for her.

Anonymous said...

8:20AM Perhaps you can celebrate along with Derrick today is the anniversary August 17, 1998 of Bill Clinton giving testimony that oral sex is not sex when it comes to his sexual predatory views on Monica Lewinsky.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to leave any celebrating to you 3:12. I have to work late.
Feel free to enjoy the day spending your food stamps!