Thursday, August 18, 2016

WDT: Another Neighborhood Cleanup Slated

    More cleanup at the Air Brake site on Pearl Street....Funny I read about this today shortly after a Flower Street man had stopped by to tell me about dogs and cats dying on his street possibly a result of a strange pile of dirt recently moved from the retention pond to a spot next to the Pearl Street parking lot.
    He says stuff is always blowing his way....Told him to call codes, but I really didn't know how to advise him.  Sometimes you wonder about what is real and what isn't, but his story sounded solid.
    Maybe somebody from the DEC could go check out that pile.
Watertown Daily Times | New $1 million cleanup planned at former Air Brake site in Watertown


Anonymous said...

The Bridge and Port authority in Ogdensburg just announced they will have a auction of political items.. Clinton donated a box of cigars that should go over well in the maple city.

Anonymous said...

The 30 wooded acres behind the pearl street parking lot was the old Airbrake dump after they moved the original factory that was located behind standard auto parts . By the way the few houses located on flower street their back yards border the old land fill site. Who really knows what is buried in that wooded parcel.

Anonymous said...

Well the boy who cried wolf on this one is no where to be found anymore - lack of comments shows this was all about a money grab lawyer dropped them and away then went, concerns? Where I don't hear any - voices are quiet, clean up has begun now be happy.