Thursday, August 4, 2016

WDT: Andy Will Act on Rain Only When Judiciary Decides on Her Fate

       Governor Cuomo says he is willing to remove DA Mary Rain from office but only after a legal determination is made by the courts on her suitability for office. Mr. Cuomo made his remarks while in Potsdam for another event.
       The SLC Legislature has passed a no confidence resolution in Ms. Rain who is a constitutional officer and not subject to county oversight.
      The Governor said having an unlicensed ADA on staff is serious, but he will not make decision without cover from the courts.
      Ms. Rain' term is up next year.


dajeep said...

Handy Andy was in WNY yesterday, and was questioned about the hearings on the success of the Start-Up New York program. Andy said :" Forget what the politicians in Albany are saying". That gave me my laugh of the day. Hey Benito, look in the mirror and you'll see one of those politicians, DOPE.

Anonymous said...

It was a little hypocritical, wasn't it, dajeep? Benito is quite a guy. Dicktator for life, if the dannies get their way. And they probably will.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of hooey. The Grievance committee could suspend or disbar Rain - in which case she can no longer perform as DA. Cuomo would be irrelevant. But what if they just ""censure" her - then what? Their job is directed at her law license, not her performance as DA. Cuomo has authority to remove her because of incompetence, which is what the county legislature requested. He should do his job and imvestigate her performance - and then make a decision, That is the Governor's responsibility mandated by NY Constitution whenever a legitimate question exists as to a DA's competence.