Wednesday, August 3, 2016

US election 2016: Republican divisions grow over Trump - BBC News

      Some things about Trump World deserve criticism but the WaPo/CNN craziness over his refusal to endorse Republicans in a primary is silly. Why should he publicly interfere in primaries in AZ and WI ?
      The other narrative created this morning on Joe was Trump vacating the ticket and how it would be filled. No one said it would happen but now they can get people to react to their own premise.
     Now the Purple Heart episode yesterday was goofy looking on Trump's part.
      But who cares what Meg Whitman says, or Warren Buffet ? How about the lady who tried to show up Mike Pence by reading a prepared statement at a town hall and the crowd reacted to her efforts by booing. Pence quieted them down but its portrayed as haters attacking a military mother. She actually was holding a Trump sign so clearly she was trying to blend in to get a good seat.
      Chairman Priebus was reported to be apoplectic, although we don't know who made the diagnosis.
      It's crazy watching "the shows" as topics go back and forth.
US election 2016: Republican divisions grow over Trump - BBC News


Anonymous said...

Why don't we hear more about the democrat division? Its the voters...the burnouts who won't take Hillary's side. Who cares about a bunch of RINOS? They only get one vote.

Anonymous said...

“It's crazy watching "the shows" as topics go back and forth.”

It’s even crazier, albeit funny, watching you and the TrumpCult twist themselves into pretzels trying to rationalize the sociopath’s behavior.

Anonymous said...

9:48 Will you stop already with the Rino crap, you are a typical low information voter that willing put forth a terrible terrible candidate and human being.

Someone who is a diehard Trumpster just said to me today, will he just stop f###ing opening his mouth! He bought into his charade lock stock and barrel and will still vote for the orangetop. He is casting his vote only because he will never ever vote the Beast or any Democrat.

What the he## are we going to do when he suddenly pulls out. Who the F is going to bail us out then?

NY21inMD said...

Who and what is the Republican Party? Is it Trump and his populist, anti-establishment supporters? Is it the RNC and long-time GOP leaders in Congress? Is it the tea-party-infused Freedom Caucus in Congress that drove out several Republican Congressional leaders? How do neocons, libertarians, the Rush Limbaughs, Reagan Democrats and social conservatives fit into the Republican Coalition?

We are witnessing an epochal break-up of a major American political party. You can tell your grandchildren about it. Mayor, let's have a contest on what the replacement conservative party will be called. I suggest the "New Freedom Party" (NFP) where all men, and the women who love them, are created equal.