Monday, August 22, 2016

TW: More Traffic Woes ?

    Deja vu all over again....As the Factory Street corridor looks forward finally to an end to traffic stifling construction, we hear through the media there's talk the north span of the Pearl Street Bridge may face extensive work.
    The span is not that old or that large but a shutting down of traffic would isolate  a quadrant of the city and impede a busy thoroughfare to Fort Drum.  We saw this before when the south span was replaced in the early 90s'
     Bridges are the transportation lifeblood of a city with a river through it. All five major spans have been replaced in the last 30 or so years. Residents have dealt with the various closures and their inconveniences.
      Yes, progress carries a cost and as frustrating and costly a project can be, we all have sucked it up and soldiered on.
      But when the suggestion of more closures comes up.....
      No mas !
Watertown Officials Hope to Get State Funding for Bridge Repairs


Anonymous said...

I just want to see them bid it out in a way that requires the contractor to work with more than a crew of 8 and work longer shifts than six hours per day. I want them to be required to maintain some kind of traffic flow. It will not cost that much more and it is the standard in every other municipality. In fact, it is the standard in every other quadrant of the city of Watertown, other than the north side.

Anonymous said...

Factory Street is not on the north side, last I checked.

Anonymous said...

3:35, where exactly did you check? Regardless, you know the traffic was headed to and from the north side and that's why the city said "screw it", shut it down while they work on it for two years with a crew of six...which gives one for every our of the day they work and two for every day of the week they work.