Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tuesday Stuff | WWNY TV 7

     The Mercy project plods ahead although I know critics are readying their comments.
     I saw something this week on my side of town that puzzles me. On the corner where High Street comes into Factory Square there is a nice decorative brick wall in front of that dilapidated building that used to house the TV Hospital and other businesses.
     I made the case to make that corner a priority for CDBG funds, but turns out they wanted to spend it on bed bug eradication. With all due respect to one lawmaker who constantly cites data on near east side blight, there's no interest in cleaning up this corner which is a key intersection on the way to downtown.
     I went to Billy and Tana Caprara's new restaurant in Henderson Harbor today. I had forgotten hwo nice it is down there  since by teenage yachting days in our family's red lightning class sail boat.
    Anyway I got there mid afternoon and am glad I missed the weekend rush of beautiful people. It is charming and is certainly a plus for people living down that way.
     Hey whatever happened to the North Side League. I hear there was a meeting tonight and the
 proposal for a Boy's and Girl's Club of America chapter is kaput and the remnants of League ownership want to sell the structure again to a developer who may be threatening a lawsuit. That's a Trumpist tactic and full of hot air.
      The proposal by the Children's Home is the best available as it would have brought new money in and there was a provision for a ten year scholarship program in the League's memory.
    Hey anything new on the Lachenauer Plaza fountain ?  No ? I didn't think so.
     Geez....I forgot about the Sheridan for Assembly boat trip tonight....Charming folks, but three hours on a boat is more than I want to give to political coverage without getting paid. If I was and MSM journalist, I certainly would have gone as the Sheridans are lovely people.
     Oh, an a respected south side resident told me he ordered Chinese from a place in Northland Plaza and the delivery person was a very attractive woman in a bikini top and Daisy Duke shorts. Finally, somebody in Watertown who knows how to maximize tips.

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Anonymous said...

I noticed the wall at Factory Square as well and was wondering what it is. Retaining wall? Beginning of a courtyard for the building behind it? Cover for the meth heads to brew in their mobile lab?
Other than the wall, Factory Street seems to be shaping up nicely.
Oh, and did you see the article about COR not paying their subcontractors down in Syracuse? Makes me want to throw up when I think about more apartments coming to Watertown. If they think we have a vacancy/zombie problem now, just wait until we have more apartments on the Mercy site. Please just make it a park and call it good! You can not drive down a single street in this city and not find a house or ten for sale. How bad does it need to get before these baboons will stop approving more housing?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like COR is taking a page out of Donald's playbook. Maybe COR will pay up before filing Chapter 11. :D