Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Trump taps Breitbart boss to head campaign in shake-up | New York Post

    Trump will be Trump and his latest campaign hires signal message control but also a populist, outsider message.
      The campaign has delivered good policy speeches the past week, but continued mistakes and media obsession with defeating him has slowed the post convention period.
      With polls showing him way behind and most experts declaring the race over, Donald Trump will do it his way, and if last night's speech in Milwaukee is an indication, the next 82 days will be interesting.
      At his best, Trump is about change and shaking it up. At his worst, he shows judgment that makes your hair scream.
      But his opponent is tired and of a era gone by. She is not trusted and is part of a power structure that monetizes "public service".
      If nothing else, let's hope Mr. Trump can expose the myths of Democratic hegemony over minorities who continue to live in cities where opportunity is nil and the elites prosper.
Trump taps Breitbart boss to head campaign in shake-up | New York Post


Anonymous said...

USC/LA Times Poll has it a one point race.

Anonymous said...

Trump's opponent is not of an era gone by. History repeats itself and communism/socialism/totalitarianism, (which are all the same thing), is what she stands for. It was in the past and it is in our future. She/they can't give slackers and enemies of our state, infinite free stuff, without vesting infinite power in the government to confiscate wealth and hand it out as they see fit. And she/they can't get around gridlock (AKA democracy) without vesting and concentrating that government power into the hands of a few.

Anonymous said...

Monmouth and McClatchy, both show Clinton's beating donald 13 and 14 points, in a 4-way race. The last Fox poll I saw, showed Trump down by 10 points, vs. only Clinton.
But keep dragging out your cherry-picked polls, that continue to show donald losing to Hillary by only one or two points 837.

Anonymous said...

The term "media obsession" is magically invested with a kind of cosmic conspiracy theory. The product an over active imagination fraught with despair…. ‘They’ built up Trump…. Now, ‘they’ are tearing him down!

Really? Even Breitbart, Fox News, The New York Post, The Washington Times, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Klannity, Drudge, Alex Jones, and The Mayor’s Echo Chamber?

Truth is…. Donny Dumpster is a huckster candidate being run by a party that compulsively flirts with the murkier precincts of human behavior. He is incapable of formulating a cogent sentence, let alone an actual constructive thought that conveys anything more serious than a provocation against civilized standards.

To suggest that there is a “unified” conspiracy arrayed against this pre-adolescent ignoramus reveals how utterly and morally bankrupt conservatism and its laughable spurious adherents have become.

Trump is the nominee of the Republican Party because he delivers the unvarnished bigotry his base craves. Behold today's GOP; at long last, it’s trapped in the wretched corner it painted itself into.

Meanwhile, enjoy your delusional ride on the TrumpTard Express, because in a few short months it will be over. Then, you’ll have to find something else to whine about.

Anonymous said...


Certainly long winded, but very short on facts.

Anonymous said...

Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic is called a “shakeup.” Sure, I believe you Jeff.

Funny stuff!

Ray said...

Why does Donald Trump hold back? If I ran his campaign things would get real! One ad would end it. Put a picture of the Clintons hanging all over our current team in office now, and ask the most telling question! Do you want four more years of this? That and nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Its kind of funny to hear the sanctimonious libtards refer to conservatives as bigot,racist, sexist when they are not referring to them by their gender, age and skin color. Old white males...its okay to hate them. Especially since the vag' and "the richness of her experiences would, more often than not, reach a better conclusion".

Anonymous said...

Ray : THAT is exactly why you are selling parts , NOT running anything !

Anonymous said...

Apparently people do 8:19. What kills me is all this false posturing about how the media is killing Trump. What a bunch of crybabies. If the A-hole wouldn't say so many stupid things, the media would have nothing to report. Even when he is on-prompter, he sounds calmer, but offers no specifics on how he would improve things. Just empty promises. And Hannity crying about CNN kissing her ass? That is laughable, because he continues to have more, shall we say intimate, relations with Trump. I'd say what that is, but this is a family blog! Lets just say I don't know how he finds the time to actually TALK into the microphone.

Anonymous said...

1:59PM nailed it!

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

The whole T-rump crew is you-know-where without-a-you-know what and no land in sight running the worst possible campaign in American history in the making.

Open 24/7 for all Trumpsters.

BTW: what about this story - a helluva lot bigger than emails... what is the Trump team and Putin-Russian connection, um, Mr. Monafort, pray tell.

Yeah, this story, um?

Anonymous said...

Anti-Trump propaganda is inundating the air waves, while real issues regarding Hillary are being under reported, if reported at all.

Anonymous said...


Do you believe all the lies of the DNC and Clinton campaign? The Clinton Foundation connections to Russia are real and far more troubling.