Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Trump Questions Conventional Race Wisdom

    Donald Trump took on the race baiters and rabblerousers in the city where this week rioting broke out....In Milwaukee, Mr. Trump gave a speech heralding not just police but also the poor living in neighbohoods crippled by crime.
     Of course the nets will ridicule Mr. Trump for reading off a prompter and will declare him racist but Mr. Trump raised good issues.
     However in a political and media climate where Al Sharpton is venerated as something he is not, Mr. Trump will not win.
     He had the audacity to say the Democratic Party has failed the African American community. Hasn't he heard the brothers couldn't survive without fealty to the Dems ?
     To suggest otherwise is indeed racist. And immediately the two pro Clinton nets declared there were too many white people in the audience.  The post speech analysis was nothing short of incredible.
      Mr. Trump was at his best tonight with a message of change and challenging the interests who profit from DC......It won't matter. The filter is too dense.


Anonymous said...

The late night shows have gone from simply attacking Trump for the firs few minutes of the monologue, to spending half the show attacking him. Each late night show is an anti Trump super pac

Anonymous said...

Zogby has it a 2 point race.

Anonymous said...

Talk is cheap, Trump has no cred in that arena at all , he has toasted too many ethnic groups to ever establish a foot hold and pissed off people vote ,and the minorities collectively ARE the majority . Bottom line : blowout this November

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

I notice you and lots of other posters have bought into and are hawking strongly the Trump line If I lose, blame the rigged system and the media. Kinda of pathetic. Never mouthy Trump, right... I see, I see.