Thursday, August 25, 2016

Trump hits back at Clinton: 'Shame on you' - POLITICO

   I've had my reservations about the Trump campaign, but I've had it with being characterized as uneducated and racist.
    On more than one occasion I've shut people down when they use words like "nigger" or "faggot" in my business and I wouldn't tolerate such nonsense from staff.
    Now Hillary Clinton is portraying Trump supporters as Klansmen. Done with her and her ilk.
Trump hits back at Clinton: 'Shame on you' - POLITICO


Anonymous said...

She's trying her damnedest to become the 1st black female president of the USA

hermit thrush said...

that's great that you've taken a brave stand against the n-word and the f-word, but i hope you realize there's a little more to racism and homophobia than that. still, baby steps where we can take them.

the real problem with trump supporters like you, jeff, is not that you're all racist -- and indeed clinton is portraying no such thing. it's that you're willfully oblivious or totally indifferent to the racist streak that pervades his campaign. rather than being appropriately horrified and repulsed by the racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and anti-semitism trump is cultivating, all you can muster is to be cynically annoyed by the bad "optics" it creates for his campaign. and don't get me wrong, on the scale of things, your reaction is nowhere near actual racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and anti-semitism. but you should think about the forces you're enabling.

Anonymous said...

We should not be surprised. This is the same technique we've seen from the local hero for years. Remember, "all Republicans are racist". You heard it here. No retraction, no apology. This is just standard operating procedure. I guess the method has been around a long time. But now there are so many stupid people around this ploy works. Because no one can stand being called a racist, they cower and apologize for what isn't. We have to make a decision. Do you run, or do you fight?

Middle-Class Mike said...

Hillary Clinton had to change the TOPC! The Foundation news and related criminality on her part as Sec. of State, was just about to sink her entire campaign! Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Dimwit has a point. On his head.
His side is the one that constantly refers to Trump supporters by their gender and race...oh and by age too. But in his convoluted brain, its okay to hate and discriminate against old white males because our country once had slavery.

And then their is his racist BLM bowel movement. As if anyone said black lives don't matter. Oh wait, Hermit's side said BL don't matter, unless its a thug screwing with a cop.

And then there is the fact that the biggest racist group in our country is the Nation of Islam, which supports his Obama. But the Hermit media never reports about this much larger racist group that supports the donkey candidates. For some strange reason only Hermit can know, its only important for his side to report about who the infitnamesly small KKK types support.

And then there is the fact that the Hermit types never met a religion they didn't abhor. For simple reasons like their stance on gay marriage, abortions and gay wedding cakes. But that was until they met Islam. They LOVE Islam. Because it oppresses gays and women even more, plus incorporates their totalitarian political ideology all in one.

The Hermtards would not bat an eye when it comes to selecting who can have a booth at the county fair. But when it comes to selecting who can come into our country, they open their arms to the ones who embrace terrorism as much as they do anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Yeah well,hermy,you won't find a picture of Trump kissing cheeks with a grand wizard of the KKK like good old Hill did.

Anonymous said...

Hillary and the democrats are funding and teaching "stop the white people" courses all over our country, but they will point their finger at honest hardworking tolerant Trump supporters and call them racists.
Everyday is opposite day, in Hermit world.

Anonymous said...

Hermit, most people use the word "racism" without even understanding its definition. I'm betting you're one of them. Stop being a puppet parroting words as all it does is make you a tool.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

I watched the new Clinton anti-Trump video:

Trump Supporters Racist, Radical, and Dangerous.

Hard to dispute their words and Trump's not mine. Judge for yourself.

Anonymous said...

If the message in the Politico article gets out, Trump will be our next President.

Anonymous said...


Clinton has not only received endorsements, but also financial contributions from alleged KKK Grand Poobahs. These people are jokes with little or no support. Giving them credibility for political gain is disgusting.