Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Trump acolytes campaign to defeat Ryan - POLITICO

    Rep. Paul Ryan doesn't need Trump's endorsement in his primary and probably didn't want it...So this media kerfuffle is just that.

     Mr. Ryan, who once visited Watertown, has done little to help Mr. Trump anyway.  He most recently held up a copy of the Constitution after the Kahn speech.

      In the year of Trump, Mr. Ryan is not universally liked, but certainly liked enough to retain his spot.

Trump acolytes campaign to defeat Ryan - POLITICO


Anonymous said...

Ryan another RINO that needs to go.

Anonymous said...

9:45 Typical response. Ryan has a 89% approval rating in his state.

Con Don did not take his state, did not take his district.

And Jack, while we are at it, the pie hole in his face keeps getting wider and wider and looking downright foolish and clownish.

Donny got caught yet again after stating Ryan asked for his endorsement. Donny was rebuked when announced he never asked for Orangetop's endorsement.

"Those NYTimes reporters sure don't write good" But Mr. President Candidate, what you just said was grammatically incorrect' "Those NYTimes reporters sure don't write goodly"

Don Con and his made little clones The new face of the Republican Party who don't read books.

Read a book Jack and maybe you will discover Donny never was accepted into Wharton Business School. Maybe he never applied. Let's ask Donny for his diploma from that esteem business school. It might just be as elusive as Obama's birth certificate.

Trumpetts, take your entire party off the ciff for this clown.

Hillary 2016

Anonymous said...

Never going to happen since it is overblown by the Media.

Mike Pence broke with Trumper Dumper and strong endorsed Paul Ryan.

Baby girl Trump who is way in over her head much like Daddy will now have her claws out for Pence.

Pass the popcorn