Sunday, August 21, 2016

The New Way of Whispering

   Whether it's a suggestion of health woes or something saucy about one's youth, the old whispering campaign the pros always used    is augmented on both sides at the national level by websites that look like straight up news...Both sides use it and once posted on Facebook it certainly looks authentic, which in some cases it may be.

BREAKING: Melania Trump Exposed As Alleged Former 'High End Sex Worker', Campaign Implodes


Anonymous said...

Is anyone surprised, guess where these whisper come from, the Beast's campaign and loyal followers and loyal underlings that go way way back.

Why aren't people asking about the dead body count that is associated with this famous Bonnie and Clyde couple that go back to the days of The Beast and the barnyard dog resided in the Guvs. house of Arkansas?

They await Dante's Inferno.

Anonymous said...

8:11 do you have your tinfoil hat on today ?? Kool aid all gone ? Oh oh better watch out , here come the Black Ops from Drum to grab your guns ! Hey did you hear the one about a false flag on 9/11 ?. H'mmm is your preppers handbook up to date ?.

You guys are really funny to watch and listen to though , highly entertaining .

Anonymous said...

Where's the headline/outrage that Bill Clinton "worked the high end sex" too?

IF this is true about Trump's wife, Clinton is more guilty because he dropped his drawers MANY times WHILE serving IN the White House and was IMPEACHED for it!!

How may known women/affairs were there? ... Jennifer Flowers, Monica, Paula Jones, Eleanor Mondale and others.

Hardly fit to be 'first gentlemen' in my book.