Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Here We Go Again Story That Comes Up Every Two Years

    The Governor, in a ploy designed to put lawmakers on the spot, says they should speak out before the election on the proposal for legislative pay.  The pay commission recommends state legislators make $113K, the first change since 1999.
     No one will take the Governor's bait except those in automatic reelection seats. They all want the higher pay, as do those running for the job even though they will have to say otherwise while campaigning.
      That would be an interesting gotcha question of the three now in the GOP primary for the 116th. I am sure they have anticipated that and have an answer.
       In fairness, it's a demanding job, especially in districts that are sprawling and require travel, voters already decide on judgeships and DA's which involve far more pay.
      But it's always a headline easily jumped on, so it is again this year, where a commission is being used to advance the matter.
       It's tough epecially in NYC where an Assembly seat is peanuts compared to the fifty City Council seats that pay $162K each.


Anonymous said...

Whats 60% of the proposed new amount? That is the amount that folks like AJR, KenBB, and Patty will make when they retire....

Anonymous said...

Pay increase, are you kidding us? When is Addie going to introduce legislation to deduct from their salaries the theft from Average Joe NY Neighbor of their fellow pols. I don't want to hear from any whiners from either side, take the monies out of their own earnings and then go into their future pensions and health care benefits. Seize all their earnings each and every time one they get's their hand caught in that cookie jar.

Anonymous said...

and here I expected another 'here we go again' the media is correctly reporting trump is a wingnut..m