Saturday, August 6, 2016

Clifton Officials Didn't Play Nice

    That the Towns of Clifton and Fine didn't merge after 18 months of talking about it is not the end of the world. I assume by having two towns, there are two highway superintendents, and that's a family income in a destitute area. 
     Two lawyers will retain their corporation counsel status and municipal work is the best work for local lawyers as its sure money.
      Other than that the elected positions are negligible in impact and there are lots of adjacent towns that could be paired...Heck there's 32 of them in the Big County.
       And if the people really want it, they can run for local office with consolidation as a platform.
        I suspect most people living in that patch of land don't care as it doesn't really affect them.


Anonymous said...

They will never be able to justify a ten million per year fire department if they don't merge. They will never be able to justify an arena or a security guard for their lie Barry that doesn't speak Engrish. They can't even justify a dog park and a "free" granite monument paid for with pAddie Ritchie money. What were those idiot voters thinking when they passed up the chance to um...merge and $ave???

Anonymous said...

None of these dannie types can justify much of anything, spending wise. That's why we now have a $19Trillion debt. But government comes first, long before the futures of our kids. And that's just the way it is. The Pants Suit is already talking about tax increases. Even that won't effect a dannie. He gets more tax breaks than any of us.