Saturday, August 6, 2016

Supporting Trump A Challenge Where RINOs Roam and the Media is Dainty

    It's still scary to publicly say you are backing Trump in local media/political circles. One county legislator and GOP insider says he is supporting the Johnson-Weld ticket and got the Libertarians some signatures.
      Meanwhile the local MSM chides anyone supporting Trump, suggesting they dump the GOP standard bearer.  They all tried to jump on the MOC this week just to prove they are in tune with national politics.
       Ever since a month ago when it looked like Trump could win, the RINOs, the egalitarian elites, and the local media who don't normally deign to discuss politics have been working OT to ditch Trump.   
     Try talking up Trump in the more tony circles of NNY society. You might be asked to leave.

     Couple other notes...With NBC carrying the Olympics much of their cable net MSNBC is preempted......That will lower the level of BS considerably.
       And local Green candidate for Congress Matt Funiciello  is in Houston this weekend where he will speak at the national convention nominating Dr. Jill Stein. If I had to guess, I think the Doctor may be the Times choice this year as I can't imagine endorsing anyone with four Pinnochios, unless that person were seen as the best path for a patch of missiles at Fort Drum.
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Anonymous said...

not scary at all Jeff. foolish...

dajeep said...

I notice the screen shot of Mika, of one of the Peacock Networks (NBC- Nothing But Crap) talking heads calling for the GOP to renounce Trump. Screw them. Heck, I'll even watch the Olympics on CBC.

NY21inMD said...

First of all, Donald Trump is the ultimate RINO. He violates a number of Republican orthodoxies including opposing free trade, supporting social programs and supporting the LBGTQ community. Second, Trump is going from an embarrassment to a joke. Even the Democratic rumor machine couldn't paint Mitt Romney as a joke. He lost because the American people wanted positive, forward-looking policies, not Republican rehash. Down-ticket Republicans need to distance themselves from the loser Trump and hope to live to reform a broken party. It's sad really.

ray lear said...

It comes down to their need to swim or sink. He is all they have now. If you as a REP walk away now, well you hand it over to the DEM's. They want the win or they don't. Getting hard behind the man this week (HARD) would most likely finish off Hillary. The smaller dogs in the pack need to see the larger dogs behind the leader, or they bolt. Trump needs to show the pack how to pull down the pray, and how to eat it.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, I have to ask you to leave.

Anonymous said...

obviously, commie in fairy tail land is even more confused and misinformed than ever.
Trump is for FAIR trade and that means free trade with some restrictions. LOaissez-faire free trade is something relatively new to the party that is not supported by the majority of the party and never has been. It is only supported by the RINO's and Wall street Hillary types plus the small part of the GOP that is libertarian.

There has never been a Republican president who was not in favor of social programs and Trump will be no exception. The difference between the two parties is that the democrats want to make all social programs into free handouts with absolutely no limits but regulated from DC at all times. That way democrats can build their power into the govenrment on a permanent basis.

Republicans have always supported the LBGTQueer community. That means they are in favor of treating them equally, rather than giving them preferential treatment as the democrats want to do.

Romney lost because he had no balls. If only Romney had the balls to attack Obama as hard as he has attacked Trump, he would be president right now and for four more years to boot. When it comes to politics, pussies come in last, unless of course if they promise enough free stuff to make up for it.

Anonymous said...

Da jeep, CBC has always been the place to watch the Olympics, hands down. Now, let's talk about networks. I understand lumpy sean Hannity was infuriated by a tweet post written by a WaPo journalist calling him a dummy. Lumpy responded after a few glasses of wine later that night by calling him an "a-hole". (Which is no biggie to me). But, I do feel that after all the crap going on at Fox News as of late, with Ailes and his "weaknesses", that Hannity is in fear of losing his job as well. He's the guy that pushed for trump, and it's backfiring on him big time, amongst the conservatives he loves so much. He's a mouthpiece for Donald, and has ruffled many a feather. It's ironic that Murdoch owns both companies. Hope Murdoch let's the tweet fight carry on and prove how dumb Lumpy actually is lol.

Anonymous said...

"......Couple other notes...With NBC carrying the Olympics much of their cable net MSNBC is preempted......That will lower the level of BS considerably."..... Too bad Faux News didn't cover the Olympics!!