Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Pitter Patter

      I ran into the Times' City Hall scribe on Pearl Street today after the gun nut incident...We chatted about what's going on at 245. It was good to see Mr. Fox. We hadn't chatted in some time.
       I saw a Bill Sheridan sign this evening at the Breen Avenue home of County Legislator Anthony Doldo.  I don't want to read too much into it but it may be a sign the party hierarchy down here is throwing some shade on their choice from two years ago.
      I still think John Byrne has an edge due to name recognition, relentless campaigning and he has the three me-too lines.
      Had the house cleaned today...Even though I lead a modest and Spartan life, it's nice to have a maid. Not a French maid, but it leaves something to aspire to
      That Univision anchor named Ramos who went after Trump last year was on TV this week actually saying journalists will be judged on how they depict Donald Trump, and he alluded to the need for the press to debunk the GOP nominee. And this dude is fawned over by the MSM....
     Journalism is slip slidin' away.
      Today the Peacock Network was demanding the scalp of Mr Bannon because he is with the "alt-right" something nobody had heard of till a week ago.

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