Friday, August 19, 2016

Stefank Visits Maple City

       Representitive Elise Stefanik toured port and airport facilities in the Maple City yesterday where she got a look at a new $25M facility that will feature service to Florida this fall.
      The first term MOC is making her way around NY21 in a melding of doing her job and campaigning.
       Seems from this article that the Trump issue has died down and likely will more as the national candidate last night in Charlotte did a mea culpa on language and has settled into a more focused campaign that should tighten the race.


Anonymous said...

Why would Trump's presidential demeanor tighten the race? It will not slow the 24/7 100% assault coming from the main stream media against him. Have you even tuned into comedy central or late night or a black entertainment show in the last month?

Anonymous said...

Yes and no one knew she was.hereand no one cared ,but our mailbox.will be assaulted with.a.toothy grinned.puff piece.soon ,very soon .