Thursday, August 18, 2016

Stefanik Talks Jobs and Business at Roundtable- Press Republican

       Rep. Elise Stefanik spoke in Plattsburgh yesterday at a business roundtable organized by their very active Chamber and its leader Garry Douglas.  No mention of Trump in the Press Republican story, so maybe it didn't come up.  Maybe the MSM up there has lost interest in the topic.
Rep. Stefanik at Roundtable....Well It's Technically Not a "Round" Table
How's That for Gotcha Journalism ?
Stefanik: Bill will enhance local business | Local News |


Anonymous said...

There is a reason why Stefanik is there for this roundtable, the east side of our district has many more job opportunities than our side. Lots of manufacturing jobs in their industrial location than ours.

Their Chamber is quite active and proactive.

Long story short and I am not Gary Douglas penning this post, but he has been a strong advocate for business development in that particular area.

And you trolls in your grandpa's basement need not respond. It's NYS and Obama's over and strangling regulations they have put on any and all of our businesses in NYS. Lastly, then Senator Clinton of our grand Empire State promising she would create those 225,000 jobs never came to fruition. You remember Senator Hillary when her impeached husband and she moved into our grand state. She didn't accomplish one thing for New Yorkers other than the stepping stone to run for President back in 2008. Failed leadership all around from the Democrats.

Want to talk facts, go for it trolls.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, I would like to see comments on what Aubertine and Deede Scafassvo both paid special economic advisors to the current and former Democratic Guvs. have done for upstate NY.

Anonymous said...

To all you drunks and pukes driving without a license, beware. Duh Governor has announced a crack down on such stuff, in effect till 9/5. The pros already know about this but the amateurs might take heed. Benito says after 9/5, when the kids are back in school, it will be safe to drive plastered again, as it were.

Anonymous said...

2:16 Meanwhile he get's his hog out and brother Chris Cuomo crashes up his collectible maybe when he was under the influence. Was there a ticket issued?

Anonymous said...

Sources for you "facts" 1251? I'm sure you've don't your research this time, right? :D

Anonymous said...

5:58 Denial, denial, denial.

Look it up D-Bud, tell the readers how many bills Senator Clinton passed when she was the Senator of NY.

Zilch, Zero, Nada!

Go for it again, Loser

Anonymous said...

225,000 jobs, 1251? How did you come to that number? Did you pull it out of your backside as usual? I wouldn't be surprised. :D

Anonymous said...

The job numbers 1251. Show us where Clinton claimed she would create that amount. You're not lying again are you? :D