Friday, August 5, 2016

Stefanik Not Being Stampeded by Press on Trump Support

     In town for other things, local media got to ask Rep. Elise Stefanik about Donald Trump, who she supports for President, but has had little else to say about.
     The Trump campaign has little interaction with local pols and vice versa. 
     Meanwhile this morning I briefly turned to Morning Joe and his gal pal Mika was doing direct to camera pleading for GOP leaders to renounce endorsements and the network was running a story on ways to replace the candidate.
      So far , our MOC is not listening to Mika and that's a good thing.
      I watched a Trump rally from Maine yesterday, but again the nets cut out quickly when they realized the disciplined Trump wouldn't give them a flip comment they could work their magic with.
      Meanwhile the Clinton campaign's other house organ, the NY Times ran a story about all the audience hate speech they have noticed at rallies.


Anonymous said...

How could one possibly endorse this pitiful creature of an individual.

The man is unstable and for all you Trump supporters you reap what you sow.

I'm loving it cause we will continue Obama's legacy With President Hillary Clinton and it will be a four more years of implementing our vision.

Anonymous said...

He finally lost me when yesterday in Maine, he reversed his opinion on Ryan and told Pence "go ahead and endorse him"

We now have Pence along with Christie being his toadies.

OMG, how sad for the GOP to see what and where our party has gone.

Anonymous said...

so far you won't post an honest assesment of Miss Stefanik's 'results tour'...

Anonymous said...

Suck it up Stefanik, Your Candidate has never given nor ever supported any NYS GOP Congressional MOC. But he has donated generously throughout the years to Cuomo, Schneidernman, Schummer, Gillibrand, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Meeks, Rangel, etc.

The daughter even opened her house and held a special event for NJ Dem.
Sen. Cory Booker. Yea Daddy's baby girl.

Go Green

Anonymous said...

It is too bad that we don't have to hear about who does and doesn't support Hillary. And of course then ask if they support her crimes too.

Good for Stefanik. It is not her job to criticize her party's nominee or its platform. It is her job to support the FACT that her party's nominee and platform is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the democrat's

Anonymous said...

must be disheartening for all the dems in the district who support outsider candidates like Sanders and the Baker, and yet "have to" support hillary what's his name...

I'm so disappointed in both of our top of the ticket choices. but at least we have a MOC who strikes the chord of this district pretty exactly right in dc. and she's harworking too - can't argue that. night and day difference between some previous ones and the other current candidates (well, matt's working hard at his business though)

Anonymous said...

7:47AM How could anyone with any moral fiber continue to look at their neighbors and call themselves or run as a Democrat. This party has no shame in not calling out what the rest of the country feels about Clinton, 68% say she is untrustworthy.

Addie, are you not embarrassed yet? Shelly sentenced to 10+ years, Wasserman Schultz as Head of the DNC caught gaming the primary, Democrat Minority Feminist MOC out of Michigan being evicted from her apt. in DC due to non rental payment, a Female Minority Democrat MOC out of Florida (go Gatoras) might be seeing life long sentencing caught playing around were padding her own pockets with a charitable contribution along with chief of staff, A PA Male MOC Democrat under investigation for same type of dealings as his fellow minority female co member.

So where our stellar investigative reporters in NY21 reporting on all these newsworthy issues.

Nowhere, but they keep on asking Rep. Stefanik about Trump

Perry, stop your whining,dig yourself out of the mothballs and start writing real pieces, Pleassssssse.

Anonymous said...

one look at Stefanik's fakebook page, shows that theres alot of voters displeased with her. Don't just look at this blog. Jeff is again not posting even the slightest critical posts. No surprise really...

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Assume that T-rump becomes Prez and Ms. Stefanik wins her reelection bid. So, tell me then, she won't support her party's leader?