Monday, August 29, 2016

State Senate in Play and Dems Hope Donald The Key

     Villifying Donald Trump is seen as key to a change in New York politics that will affect us all....Flipping the Senate and giving Democrats unfettered control of the Empire State.
       How progressive will NY become ?  Who knows, but the GOP margin in the Senate is razor thin and the small IDC is under pressure to get in line, especially if Dems pick up a seat or two.
       What would pass that's more liberal ?


Anonymous said...

Why don't we bring back Joe Bruno, defacto head of the party.

Skelos got rolled by Andy. Flanagan is getting rolled.

We are all screwed. Andy is a psyco on steroids.

Anonymous said...

Your use of the words "progressive" and "liberal" are inappropriate. The democrats have not been progressive or liberal in their police in over 40 years.

More wealth and freedom confiscation is coming. More laws against guns used for self defense. More rights for criminals and super predators. More regulations and mandates ensuring no business north of Albany can survive, other than the ones consolidated by major US companies.

Anonymous said...

If the dems take the Senate, it will not be because of Trump, it will be because of the republican alliance with Cuomo.

Anonymous said...

Just think, if we get complete control into the dannies' hands, we can outlaw screwdrivers and hammers too.

Anonymous said...

Seen a couple of professional polls for candidates and can say that, at least in the North Country, indications are that voters are splitting their ballots and differentiating, meaning the top of the ticket does not seem headed to be as big a factor as some may hope. No "throw them out" attitude at all. Down ticket incumbents are pretty secure.

Ray said...

Gee you mean an unified effort would give them the castle? Wow when did they come out of their coma?