Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Russell Enters's The Lion's Den

     With only one race for local office really competitive, it would be nice to hear more about the River District Assembly race.
      Apparently Addie Russell addressed gun rights advocates this week at the Watertown Sportsmans Club.
      Given her support of the Safe Act, some news coverage would be enlightening.

    This photo came from the candidate's website. Other candidates may have been there, but we don't know.


Anonymous said...

Well, I give shelly's maid credit for going there. But she is still shelly's maid, or whichever NYC Democrat thug holds her leash.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just tell me if that stalwart GOP was at dear old Addie's event.

Don't you wish they would just register as the Democrats that they are. Oh and that line 'I didn't leave the party, the party left me' as old as Hillary & Bill's dead body count.

Imagine picking up pieces of Addies pile.

Addie thinks nothing, nothing of pushing the 10th plank to abort babies while they are being delivered.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the MSM skipped the event. They could have heard her latest twist on why she supported the SAFE Act. Now she claims that the NYC Dems she follows in strict lockstep urged her to vote NO to protect her political hide. Says she stood on principal and supported it anyway.

Anonymous said...

The woman wouldn't know anything about principles if she had them sewed into the nametag on her maid's outfit.

Anonymous said...

Good to see Addie standing up for our 2nd amendment rights!