Saturday, August 13, 2016


    Everybody in the City got a school system calendar in the mail today along with a copy of the code of conduct.
    Never had this when I was in school.
    I was reading the dress code section....Stand up straight and extend your arms downward....The tips of the fingers is where the shortest skirt or shorts should be....No spaghetti straps or plunging necklines, and no apparel that promotes politically incorrect notions or alcohol or drugs..
    You have to wear shoes and underwear cannot be visible.
      When I went to WHS there was a fuss over wearing culottes. You could get sent home for it....Times have changed.
     Reading through all of this, every student should consult counsel before heading to school this fall.
     Of course nowadays when you get sent to the office there is no Mr. Skye or Mr. Feistel to offer you a come to Jesus moment.
      By the way , in Catholic schools I am told skirt length was determined by kneeling on the floor in front of Sister and the skirt had to touch the floor.


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the team of six digit "educators" who spent weeks working on this? One from the math dept, the English dept, at least two special edders, a janitor, a lunchroom lady, two counselors/one gay/one straight/one transgender, a member of the community liason to the sub division for equal employment/snicker, and at least eleven unwed mothers. And many, because they had to return from Myrtle Beach or the Bahamas, had to be paid a travel stipend. I hope Fralich wasn't too busy posing for his statue to have time to drop in for a few minutes and deliver free lunches.

Anonymous said...

Nothing in the mail like that for me today.

Anonymous said...

I saw on 7news tonight that Potsdam is the first SUNY college to have an outreach program to Cuba. Maybe they can share dress code best practices and of course invite Castro as a guest professor to teach economics to our budding young cupcakes. Soon we will be everything that Cuba is.

BTW...if the 12-year-old kiddie tarts can't have their underwear showing, does that mean they are more likely not to wear any? Sure is tough to be a kid these days, especially if your instagram doesn't automatically delete for some reason.