Sunday, August 14, 2016

Riots in Milwaukee

   Some more racially motivated rioting resulting from a police shooting. This time in Milwaukee....Could be any city and like most of these cities they have long been run by Democratic mayors like Milwaukee's Tom Barrett.
    This week, Baltimore received a scathing report on its treatment of minorities.
     Chicago ? 'nuf said.
     All these minority communities have been convinced they need the Democratic Party to survive in America. They will be taken care of.
      What we have is a society with little hope beyond the dependency they have on government, and that creates the tinder box that erupts when some grievance or incident occurs.
      It's only tangentially about's about the political overlords who rule America's cities.


Anonymous said...

This shooting sounds like a no brainer. BLM loses credibility along with supporter HRC.

Anonymous said...

Black Lives Matter, even if they are gang bangin', woman raping, thug partying, baby makin', no working, wallet stealin' pieces of Americana. All that matters is blackness. If I were a big city cop, I'd throw ammo into the neighborhood and make it easier for them to kill each other.