Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Poll: Gap Narrows, People Despise Candidates...Time to Open Up Debates

   Polls are tightening but if you believe the margin nationally is 7 points, that parallels Barack Obama's 2008 margin which would produce a likely Electoral College edge in 350 to 188 range, give or take a state.
     Donald Trump is adding more TV spots and Libertarian Gary Johnson is up with spots on a more limited basis. Hillary Clinton careens between scandals and now it's Weiner.
     Mr. Trump is being harangued by the media over immigration and race but his speech tomorrow will get a lot of play as will his Saturday visit to a black church in Detroit. Both events will be ridiculed, but still they will be seen.
      Can Trump win ? Probably not, but a narrowing margin and the presence of viable third party candidates make for a little more uncertainty.
      What's too bad is the Debate Commission cabal will make the choice binary at a time of unequaled revulsion towards the major party candidates.
Poll: Clinton still leads Trump nationally, but gap is narrowing


Anonymous said...

Third parties scare golf course guys. Because when third parties are bought in, Trump and Clinton poll even closer. That proves Clinton has more voters who hate her. I wouldn't count on those people even showing up. This race is closer than you think because Trump voters are going to show up no matter what. I know ten people who don't always vote but are going to make certain they vote for Trump.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe any of this will matter. There are more dannies out there than there are thinking people who actually compare candidates. The Democrat party is more unified than the Republicans are. Every government employee, special interest, criminal, teacher, sexually confused, welfare receiving puppet is in the bag. And it's not one of those clear bags the environmentalists tell us we have to use. The only people who vote Republican are working people, and with the Liar In Chief, there are fewer and fewer of those left.