Saturday, August 20, 2016

Politics Kind of Low Key Locally

       I like to contribute a little here and there to political campaigns, but  this year I have been fairly frugal....Good thing....I made a few small donations to the Sanders effort as it seemed he was speaking truth to power...Then he sold out and bought a vacation house on Lake Champlain. I have also given to a couple other  Presidential candidates and a couple of Congressional candidates.
    Nothing too large...well by NNY standards maybe they are, but not by real world standards. Haven't gone to any soires this year and am skipping the Paul Ryan event in Saratoga next week.
     The only other race this year is the Assembly race, but no one has ask me, so I am laying low.
      Next year we have a race for city judge and a couple Council seats......I keep hearing the Smith name mentioned but I can't figure out if it's Jeff or Millie.


Anonymous said...

Sanders?!?1?! What the heck were you thinking? Free college for generation cupcake to go along with their free BC pills*? Maybe this is why you lost the last election? Once a left wing democrat, always a left wing democrat.

*Doesn't it bother the liberals in the least that grandma pays a copay on virtually every medical expense she has, while the cupcake generation tarts pay not a single penny for their BC pills? Even if you buy into Sandra Fluke's story about expensive BC pills for her friend's medical condition, still...why not a copay? Not even a penny? And why not just give the expensive ones for free and let the people who use the $9/month ones pay for them themselves? I bet Grandma spends more than $9 per month for her oxygen tank rental copays.

Anonymous said...

I went to see Millie for an ear problem last week. What a fine Lady she is. And there's a nurse Debbie down there too who is the very best. A great place to go. Good people. Thanks so much.