Saturday, August 20, 2016

Plotting to Lose a Bad Habit

   It's no surprise that process, tick tock and controversy always trumps issues when it comes to writing about politics.  So the stories about Donald Trump's campaign woes continue even though the past ten days have gone quite well as far as message.
     The reason the GOP is headed for the dust bin is so many of its leaders have dismissed the nomination process as a fluke and they talk openly about losing the White House in a bid to save other offices.  They hope to quarantine the Presidency for this year to keep what they have.
    Trouble is there's a name for those who plot to lose. They are called losers.


Anonymous said...

You have three categories of these cowards.
The first are the ones who are afraid that the made-up accusations against Trump will be used by the media and opponents in a guilt by association scheme. "Trumps a racist so you are a racist."

Then you have the DC insiders who are afraid Trump would undermine their sweetheart deal games they currently play, where the RINO's and democrats are the same party of spending and limitless new laws, in exchange for kickbacks to themselves and their buddies.

And lastly you have the treasonous cowards who believe Trump is not conservative enough. The problem with that is that we KNOW Hillary is the alternative and she is a million times worse. For that reason, these people are the worst of all the losers.

Anonymous said...

The real losers are the American People .

We have to choose between a megalomaniac with zero credibility or portfolio or a proven liar who is also an alienating figure . NEITHER Is fit . Either way we are screwed .

But in no instance will i ever support TRUMP's demonstrated megalomania . Because he slightly modified his speech yesterday means NOTHING . Sociopaths do THAT all the time to con people , but the insincerity that was obvious in his speech yesterday and his photo op unloading. TWO BOXES from a truck ( really , seriously we atre supposed to swallow that this pig has EMPATHY ) was evident .

Anonymous said...

9:19, you really like the work megalomaniac. You, along with our Dannie, but read occupy donkeys on a regular basis. I'm sure, in your mind, it doesn't apply to a bribe taking, lying candidate that has used her gender to achieve her notoriety. No, not you. You make your decisions on who has the worst hair.

Anonymous said...

9:19, How con you live with yourself? You call Hillary a liar, yet you are a bigger liar. You had no problem voting for the half black megalomaniac, but now that its a white one with an R next to his name, we are supposed to believe the megalomaniac part is the deal killer for you? No one buys your BS.

Trump has proven he is a better man than you, who has more empathy than you. Instead of doing drugs like you do and raising a family that avoids their father, like you have, he has raised a great productive family that loves him. Even his ex wives like him. Even the women the corrupt NYT's tried to portray as victims of Trumps, like him.