Tuesday, August 23, 2016

PS: Oswego Council Vote 7-0 To Back Mayor's Plan to Cut 16 Firefighters

        It's a story happening 50 miles away but with clear relevance to Watertown. The Oswego Common Council voted 7-0 to affirm a budget proposed by the Mayor that cuts 16 firefighter positions.
    Oswego was bridging a funding gap caused by the end of a deal to rent a water tunnel. Mayor Billy Barlow called it a tough decision but the new, young mayor proposed what he ultimately wanted to do.
    Conflict avoidance and politics go hand in hand, but the new Mayor showed leadership in taking on the issue without fuzzing it up by saying he wouldn't actually lay anyone off.
     The actual right sizing agenda here as there was not a debate about overtime, which is part of life and business, but instead is about employing fewer people.
      Now there are surely differences between here and there, but the common thread is long term fiscal balance and it should be said here, as Mayor Barlow did, that it's not some mystery plan to realign expenses without cutting positions. It's not just about overtime.
       Watertown has a similar fiscal reckoning if not short term but longer terrm in the hydro contract.
        Watertown is struggling with it's long overdue contract and has demoted eight captains and is now fighting with its own FD management over staffing protocols.       



Anonymous said...

Conflict avoidance. You employed that technique.

You only took on most issues when there was credit and praise to be gained.

Anonymous said...

Oswego had a few things gong for it, the biggest the contract only suggested shift staff levels not contracted minimum levels like Watertown has.
Much of the city was fed up with the fd for overtime abuse, running businesses on city time and basically bullying every mayor and politician before this group. They boldly rub this power in anyones face who dared talk about saving money.

Now for some more fund.. I hear the "heroes" are calling everyone from Richie-Cuomo-to DC for emergency funding to save the jobs. Yet the mayor is privately saying no do no send any as next year or the year after when funds run out we may not have the needed polictal balls to withstand the pressure and vote for cuts again.

My bet is Cuomo and the DC pair would love to embarrass the kid. Also has got to bill killing patty as she loves to give away money like this and as republican has been to stay out of it. Ps the kid will have her or Barclays job next then off to DC for congress.

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with anyone trying to bring down expenses or bridge a gap. My issue is that the people who are making these decisions seem to be doing so without conducting adequate research into the issues that are being created.

Public safety is an important part of living in a municipality and is a major reason why we pay extra taxes to get the services. I would prefer to see a public referendum both here and in Oswego. Isn't this how a democracy is supposed to work? In the end, let the people decide what level of protection they are willing to pay for. This is unlikely to happen because people are more likely to favor their safety and the safety of their friends and family over lets say a $12,000,000 arena that none wants to rent or a $2,000,000 hole in the ground full of water. It is a matter of priorities. Politicians stopped listening to their taxpayers a long time ago. Shameful.

Anonymous said...

Why do you harp on about laying someone off? Even in the for-profit industry, it is very common to try to cut workforce through attrition or reassignment.

Even if you don't agree with the fact that that the city of Watertown has too many fire employees covering a given shift, you should at least admit that they don't need the ridiculous number of "managers" per shift that they had.

Anonymous said...

You're right, 8:31, people do get laid off all the time. But not in dannieworld. Government types enjoy job/financial security only a few in the private sector enjoy. That's why these people cry so hard about anyone who could rock their boat. What they don't realize is once there, nothing can ever happen. Being a government employee is a ticket to a good life. Nothing wrong with that. But it has gotten out of hand. Isn't this the time most of you get your tax bills? Well, not me. Gotta run, I'm to the PX where you guys helped me buy my stuff. I suffer every single day.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

This is a price we pay for having novices in office ... a fact.

Anonymous said...

No Dannie, the only fact here is you are following your orders, thinking only of special interests and not that of the common citizen. You ever meet one of those people, Dan? They're the dummies who have to pay their taxes, no breaks for them. No free healthcare for them. No PX for them. No loopholes for them. If I were you, I'd stay on the golf course where you are less likely to meet one. The situation in Oswego is the result of taxes on working people. Unless we are going to blame Ms Addison for that issue as well. That must be quite a commute. People are out of money, Dan. Not you of course, but people who actually stand on their own two feet and try to make ends meet. Stay away from them. They are very discouraging people.

Anonymous said...

Fact: Danny hates democracy.
The mayor was elected to do this and the 7-0 vote to back him up, that was cast by elected people too.