Thursday, August 25, 2016

Big Labor Passes on NY21 | NYSAFLCIO

     It's unclear whether being the union candidate helps or hurts up here, but in the NY21 race the NYS AFL CIO has taken a pass, not endorsing any of the three candidates.
     It's generally an automatic for a Dem, as the only Republican endorsed is the incumbent MOC from Staten Island.
     Whether Michael Derrick passed on purpose or the union wasn't interested, I don't know.
      Last week the state's largest teachers union endorsed Rep. Elise Stefanik.
New York State AFL-CIO Announces Endorsements for Congress | NYSAFLCIO


Anonymous said...

Clearly, they judged she will win and so would rather keep the door open with her than back a loser. Standard labor endorsement practice. Don't totally burn bridges for no good end.

Anonymous said...

Stefanik takes 65-70% and the poorly chosen unimpressive Democrat will even fall below the Green Baker.

The typical local Democrats automatically counted on the Teachers Union endorsing their candidate but were bitch slapped when they endorsed Stefanik. Was a shock to this candidate but very wise the AFLCIO staying out of the race which again they counted on.

The idiot even believes that they are against the TPP when in fact they know without mfg. products being exported it limits their due paying roster. They just can't say publically.

Frankly, he counted on the Hilldabeast's coattails but he doesn't understand yet how much she is despised in NNY.

Anonymous said...

I'm a member of a local union, we put up a fuss that we did not want to see Derrick receive the endorsement.

Rep. Stefanik has worked her tail off and she deserves it. Says more that they passed on Derrick.

Anonymous said...

It is getting so the members of this Union are not the Democrats they once were due to the increased status in most communities. However, that increased status should not have occurred. Teachers, although professionals, do not, and should not, rise to the level of lawyers nor Doctors, although they would like to think of themselves like that.

Anonymous said...

No, the union knows that Derrick has no chance. They don't want to endorse a loser. Even the teachers, completely in duh danniebag, knew enough to keep their mouths shut.

Anonymous said...

NYS AFL CIO has taken a pass, not endorsing any of the three candidates.

The AFL CIO needs new leadership. Can't make a stand, what can it do besides nothing.