Wednesday, August 24, 2016

New Club Offers Offers Peek This Week

   While the grand public opening is not until September 9th, a sneak preview is being held the next three nights for Club #9, the very tony dance club located next to the Arsenal Street bridge.
     Owner Robert Dalton has become the go-to guy for swanky entertainment and his latest venture has caught the eye of the city's social elites yearning for something new and different.
     It will be interesting to see who this elite is and I'll stop by and take a peek.


Anonymous said...

Today's arrest reports list folks named Ja'Karee, Muhammed, Daquan, and Tyshaun. I don't recognize the names. They must be from Carthage. Nah, there ain't no problems in the hood. Diversity forever.

Anonymous said...

That looks like an 80's hotel bar.
Not my taste, but hey, I guess he knows what he's doing. The other thing is with those lights over the bar, it looks like it would be hazardous for strippers to dance on it and dip their junk...I mean I assume that is what used to go on in there.

Anonymous said...

It harkens back to the days where every bar had to have a number. Studio54, Track21, etc. The city was full of them.