Tuesday, August 30, 2016

WDT: Murray Gobbles Up More of Downtown

     Watertown's top property wheeler dealer has acquired a signature property on Public Square and a house and lots on Goodale Street which will become parking for the Solar Building, also owned by Brian Murray.
    Mr. Murray owns numerous residential and commercial properties around town and now owns the Commerce Building which houses Subway among other businesses.
   The City had been looking at the Goodale properties as it owns another empty parcel there. Might as well sell that one to Mr. Murray too, if he is interested.


Anonymous said...

Lets ask Murry what he thinks about right sizing the fire department or if he would like to see us continue spending $8 million per year for what the rest of the county does for free. Since he pays more taxes than everyone and his buildings are often old and multi story, his opinion would be interesting to hear. Then again, if he rents any space to the political machines, he may be biased to support the current money pump.

Anonymous said...

The city manager was asleep at the helm yet again on this one. city should have expanded it's parking with those house sites. ever try find parking there when you want to pay your water bill?