Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday Musings

       This was the most gorgeous day this summer....Sunny, a breeze, cool and low humidity...The heat builds again by Wednesday, but let's just say this was a day when being in NNY was being in the best place on earth....All is subject to change by January.
       Still some good pool weather left and the prospect for a new pool in the Park continues to be a struggle...Staff is urging Council defer the project that was promised by everyone last January 1st at the swearing ins.   I was told lawmakers were urged to wait for the demise of the Flynn Pool on the northside, but that pool was recently refurbished. There could be  a showdown over this issue.
     Meanwhile prospects for that landlord law appear mixed to dubious. A vote could come as early as next month but look for tabling motions as nervous lawmakers seek support  for their decision.
     Ran into Dan Burkhard at Pete's. He sold me my Lennox furnace about 30 years ago. It's still running although this might be the year for replacement.
     I see that swimmer lost his Speedo and Ralph Lauren deals......Real smart move at age 32.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff
I was listening to the show today and completely agree with you about robin meade, just luv her!
Ps. crazy ray can watch me shower anytime. I'll leave the door cracked for you crazy baby. xoxo!! (".")

Anonymous said...

Wow, That "HOT Line show seems to becoming a hot line alright.

Anonymous said...

The registration part of the proposed new law was ok, But when they added "yearly inspections, the city started acting like IT was the owner of the rental units. If someone has a dump to rent, renters themselves should avoid it. After all, a lot of the dumps were made such by people who rented and left it such. In such cases prior referrals from landlords should be required by renters before they rent. If a tenant leaves a dump the referral should reflect that and the new proposed landlord should avoid such tenants. That way "inspections" will be kept in the private sector.
The city should have a record of landlords only for the purpose of safety. Tenants and people who visit them should complain if they see obvious safety hazards that go unfixed. Referrals of this nature should be anonymous so landlords don't know who made them. Then code enforcement should go in and take appropriate actions. Unlicensed landlords should be fined if a person is found to be renting without registering.