Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Memo from the Screening Department

   The other day, a state lawmaker ask me about screening of comments as this person had a constituent who felt their slams against one candidate didn't make it through the filter.
    I delete comments every day. Usually its due to vulgarity, undo intrusions into personal relationships, egregious cheap shots, or outright libel. Most do make it through.
    I do offer additional protection to my friends but also try to let through some critical comments on everyone, including yours truly.
    It's tough with some readers who elicit constant response, but yes Danny, I delete a lot of the bile directed at you.  But I let some through to keep it interesting.
     So if you want to comment, keep it somewhat civil and avoid gratuitous personal invective and we will all get along.


Anonymous said...

Don't pat yourself on the back too much, Mr. Mayor. You are notorious for deleting the majority of any comments that aren't positive towards your Harvard girl.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you have time to write blog entrees? Seems like you would be too busy deleting anti Dan comments.

Dan is a public figure, an author, a former political candidate, a well known caller to your show and Glenn's show. It seems like his public status should open him up to a higher allowed amount of comments directed at him. At least this should hold true to the extent they are comments about the nature of his political arguments and how they are hypocritical, considering his tax payer status.

Sure we have seen sweeping exaggerations about him paying no taxes. And he has responded here with threats and name calling. But the fact is that he pays no state income taxes on his pension. The fact is that he gets property tax reductions for being retired military. The fact is that he shops at the PX where there is no sales tax.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the semi-monthly "this blog isn't designed to be controversial" post. It's cool though. Mr. Graham, this blog is very popular. I personally don't agree with a lot of your local politics but this is a fun, informative daily read for a lot of people. It is an opinion piece and although we make fun of the bravery of people online, you enjoy the "controversy" this blog creates. I don't agree with the transparency of some of the issues discussed here over the years but again, it is to be commendable that you discuss them here. Dating back to the former City Manager firing, Arenagate, Parks and Recs issues, concerts as well as the numerous Scott Gray pictures, people seem to forget this is one man's opinion. It is obvious that you enjoy stirring the pot and frankly, I hope you continue to do so. Junkynews owes this blog, bigtime. It's the negativity that sells advertisements. Not sure where they would get their news if it weren't for your show, blog and Glenn's show. God knows they can't write a lick. Anyway, no need to defend this blog, keep a writing!

Anonymous said...

It is your blog and you can do what you want. I have often read a comment about you and said I would delete it if it was me.

My belief is there is limited deletions and censorship. Maybe you can just leave up

Anonymous said ...
this post was deleted

August 16, 2016 at 10:20

Anonymous said...

8:45, you're on it. Dannie wants it both ways. He pukes his thoughts out there under the eye pubi, publius moniker, where he goes public every post. He then calls the talk shows daily, contantly repeating the party line, often droning on for 20+ minutes on an hour show. And again, always presenting himself as our political superior. Then he says something completely stupid, and demands to be left alone. Please Dan, quit the crying act. We all know you are our unbiased leader. Enjoy the notoriety. You seem to want it. You have made yourself a public figure.

Anonymous said...

I've submitted some uncomplimentary comments that never made to these pages. None of which I would consider personal or egregious attacks I might add. This is your blog, you are protective of some of the posters and owe me no explanation for the deletions.
As far as Danny goes, he acts and sounds as if he hold a monopoly on the truth. He believes his word to be the gospel regardless of the topic and won't relent until he has the last word.
He brings the negative comments on himself almost as if he is daring people to slam him.
The biggest lesson he should have from the number of times that he ran for office in this little town is that very, very few share his perspectives, opinions, political views or high regard that he holds for himself.