Sunday, August 14, 2016

Media Puzzled at Trip to Nutmeg State

     Donald Trump went off the usual trail of battleground states to hold a rally in Connecticut, and is immediately mocked for the "flummoxing" tactic.
      There are fifty states and if some others get some attention that is fine. Two candidates competing for ten states is the paradigm defined by endless experts chewing on the tick tock of the race.
      But coverage should be of what the candidate says, not whether media is flummoxed by the scheduling.
      Actually, for those who report the Trump effort is in turmoil, the number of well organized rallies with lots of people defies that conventional wisdom.
      Meanwhile todays NYT features a story on frustrated aides unable to control Trump's tongue and an editorial on Trump appealing to "gun zealots."
      And the beat goes on,


Anonymous said...

Good for Trump. Incredible energy. Just the opposite of Hillary.

Anonymous said...

This is just one more example of how dumb this billionaire is. He knows nothing about marketing, image or anything else. He is not smart enough to be a professor or a media guy, otherwise he would know that only ten states are in play. No wait, I mean none are in play and the election is over and he should just give up.

Anonymous said...

Gun zealots. Certainly holds true on this blog.

Anonymous said...

the number of well organized rallies with lots of people defies that conventional wisdom.

this is the rationalizing talk of a loser. lots of nice rallies don't mean anything.

and for those who think it's a good idea for trump to campaign in connecticut, all those of us on the side of sanity can say is: please proceed.

Anonymous said...

This is the death throes of a LOSER who will be buried in November election and the with it the party of No .

Good riddance to you GOP do nothing turds who are pimples on the ass of progress . Your ilk is over , done , cooked ' sayonara baby !!

Ps dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out of Congress .

rick aldrich, USMC said...

I nominate Anthony Weiner, for the Democrat Party's , new official mascot! Try and beat that!!

Anonymous said...

Denny Hastert. Consider yourself beaten. :D

Anonymous said...

Spiro Agnew , Hestert , Skelos, you want more Ricky ??