Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Media Alleges Trump Promotes Assassination in Frantic Bid to Elect Clinton | TheHill

     With past controversies fading and Donald Trump very disciplined the media sunk to new depths today.  Mr. Trump said in NC that Second Amendment folks can stop Hillary Clinton.  To me it's obvious that means  gun folks need to vote.
      Immediately CNN followed by MSNBC declared Mr. Trump was urging the assassination of the former First Lady.
       Within moments, there were all sorts of Paul Begala types commenting.
        I have to compliment the Clinton campaign for so coopting journalism to pursue their agenda.
        Mrs. Clinton is a cinch to win. The status quo is preserved.
         Trump: 'Second Amendment people' could stop Clinton | TheHill


Anonymous said...

Trump should be arrested for sedition immediately , he has now tipped his hand as a criminal that incites violent overthrow . Arrest that dangerous creep !! That was no veiled threat , it was overt .

Anonymous said...

You are so in the bag for Trump. All you have to do is watch that smirk when he mentions second amendment people, and you know exactly what he is joking about. Don't be so obtuse Jeff. It is clear you have an axe to grind with local (and non local) journalism, but don't let your personal problems or past failures at that craft, leak into your posts. Bottom line is, no matter who wins the election, no one is coming after anyone's guns. You know that. This argument is soooo ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

It seems like they would have to take out the liberal SCOTUS to save the 2nd, rather than the POTUS.

What about "no justice no peace"? What does that mean?
Hillary sided with the racist BLM hate group, whose members utter that phrase when they are "protesting".

Anonymous said...

Hey, if the two liars can bring back the economy to the way it was in the nineties, bring it. Hard workers, you know, the manual labor type, as well as the upper scale professionals all were making money, and inflation was low. Fair prices for everything, great music, and pretty decent interest rates. Oh, and a surplus. Now NAFTA was a horrible idea, but "workfare" is an excellent plan. Happy to see cops on the beat, and would love to see more workfare goin on like down at the butler Pavillion. Those planting areas are a total mess.

Anonymous said...

7:42, in your case I would be in favor of more public money for drug testing. You can't be that stupid. Or can you?

7:55, the same. You're either a dumbass, or you are on something. Maybe you're just polishing your case to become a victim. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

trump is just playing the role he's been paid for. He's conned all you idiots this hole time. Sheepdog for sure...

hermit thrush said...

To me it's obvious that means gun folks need to vote.

bullshit. trump's quote was "and by the way, if she gets to pick her judges: nothing you can do, folks. although, the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don’t know.” this is unambiguously about what would happen after a clinton victory, at which point voting would be irrelevant.

i know trump supporters don't want to believe their candidate could say something so appalling, but he really said it, and it's long past time for people to face up to the horror show they're getting behind.

Anonymous said...

The media was quick to tell us that Hillary will never nullify the second amendment with her judicial appointments. Therefore, there is no need for gun owners to do anything.

Anonymous said...

The local democrat apologist posted this statement 4 May 16 on a blog:

"My question is simple: What are you prepared to do to stop this man from ever sitting in the Oval Office?"

Could this statement likewise be taken as a call for violence?

Trump did not call for anyone to be killed. Killing is a practice of the Clintons. Check out the Seth Rich story.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything the US government could ever do that would justify rising up against the government or would justify violence? Obama supporter, terrorist and hope & change coauthor Bill Ayers said he wishes he had done more. I recall the media was very upset. Not.

Anonymous said...

Trump should be jailed for making an implied threat ... This psycho is overdue for a orange jumpsuit

Anonymous said...

“Check out the Seth Rich story.”

I did, and it’s BS!

But truth be known, there apparently is no linkage between YOU and reality. The laughable part is YOU and the dwindling TrumpTard Nation doesn’t know it.

Keep trying though.

Family of slain DNC staffer Seth Rich blasts nutters for spreading ‘harmful’ WikiLeaks conspiracies:

“The family of slain Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich have asked conspiracy theorists to stop making baseless speculations about his death.

Rich was shot and killed July 10 while walking home in Washington, D.C., and a series of thinly sourced online stories have portrayed the 27-year-old as a whistleblower on his way to an ill-fated meeting with FBI agents.

The conspiracy theories claim Rich had been planning to reveal damaging information about Hillary Clinton before he was killed in the unsolved shooting.”


Anonymous said...

Yes Kumquat, Trump meant that people who still demand a government that respects the Constitution should vote. You are more dishonest, spineless, and controlled than the golf course hero. And that's a difficult standard to obtain. You da man. Or something.

Anonymous said...

11:29 and the rest of the ignorant crew that worship at Temple of the Absurd with lil Donnie are in for a very rude awakening in November when their village idiot gets schlonged by a woman . You cretins are already in the dust bin but alas you fail to realize it . Go lick your wounds and lament the fact that you are all dinosaurs and have been marginalized ..

But hey thanks for the laffs , its been fun watching your death throes , politically speaking that is , per se .

Better take up golf , you CAN CARRY MY BAG .

Anonymous said...

@2:13 PM
You tube" Clintons dead friends" 49 people , who where close tehe Clintons over the years and died under strange circumstances. Most well known Name: Vince Carter

@9:09 AM
Sure the family of Seth Rich will say that. Nobody wants to get in the cross hairs of powerful criminals.
Maybe they saw the video of "Clintons dead friends" By the way money always helps to keep quieted. Who knows.
Ever red the book made in to a movie or watched Primary colors an account of the Clintons early years and their way to power, by an anonymus writer?
Also interesting" Barbara Olsen's book from 2001, about Hellary : " Hell to pay -HRC" Btw, Barbara Olsen perished in one of the planes on 9/11

Ray said...

It's not hard to get his meaning. If you like turning in your guns, having black boots on your face, and a criminal in the White House, vote Dem. If you like your rights like the 2nd, Donald Trump will make it happen. Nothing more, nothing less.