Saturday, August 20, 2016

Kudos To Kellyanne

    That Conway lass sure knows how to turn a campaign and a candidate around...The ebullient but disjointed Trump rallies are now crisp, fact filled, multi issue speeches delivered with the Trump style that propelled him to the top of the GOP pile last summer. Gone are the unscripted, and sometimes cringe-worthy rants.
    This afternoon's rally in Fredericksburg, VA was a 45 minute finely tuned indictment of Hillary Clinton and her running mate Tim Kaine, now the Senator from VA.
     I had to chuckle when the Peacock Network had as an analyst a "senior correspondent" from MTV.  There are lots of new words since I was in J-school but one thing hasn't changed. A correspondent is supposed to be a journalist, which is not the same as a campaign surrogate. Many of today's reporters are now surrogates, coming to Mrs. Clinton's defense and excoriating Mr. Trump.
     But at least MSNBC carried the whole speech and the summary at the conclusion was pretty straight forward.....For the most part though, journalism and campaigns have melded in a way I have never seen the likes of.
     With 80 days left, the race holds the prospect of being far more interesting and Mr. Trump's new team is making the most of the candidate.


Anonymous said...

We can hope you are right on this, Mr Mayor. But we are still left with one undeniable fact. No matter what is revealed, no matter what the skank says, no matter who dies next, what money is donated to the back pocket of her pants suit, no Dannie type is ever going to open his mind and think independently. These people are Democrats far more loyal to their party than their nation. So many are owned like this. We are controlled by our cell phones, Hollywood, lock step media, second rate schools, and party loyalty. In my opinion, Dannie served his country for no reason at all. He should have applied for a job as an apologist with the Democrat party. Might as well get paid for what you do.

Anonymous said...

It was Hillary-ous to watch Matt Laurer interview Lochte last night. He banged the kid around pretty good. Too bad little Matty Laurer doesn't ask these kinds of questions to Dannie's skank. He bends right over like a hero golfer for her. I guess his manhood only allows him to attack people lower on the PC scale.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

She can't even answer a direct question w/o turning to the other campaign ... she is a parrot stuck on stupid.

This Kellyanne Conway has said in the past for the record:

1. "Homosexuality is a corrupting influence. People don’t want their kids looking at a cartoon with a bunch of lesbian mothers."

2. Then she made this declaration that her then-client former Rep. Todd Akin showed "principle" after he made the idiotic claim that women’s bodies shut down pregnancy if it’s a "legitimate rape."

She is a loser for a loser ... she and Trump are a perfect match.