Monday, August 1, 2016

Khizr Khan, Father of Fallen U.S. Soldier Continues Media Tour Bashing Trump

         The father of a soldier killed by an IED 12 years ago is making the rounds in what is now frenzied reporting of Donald Trump's initially unsympathetic response to Khizr Khan's DNC broadside against the candidate.
         Mr. Trump's plain speaking style has worked many times but this was such an unforced error. The lefty press was going to give Mr. Khan several days no matter what. A simple statement about appreciation of the Khan family's service and sacrifice would suffice, and don't do an apples and oranges segue to issues like terrorism and immigration.
          Episodes like this are the reason Mr. Trump is not up by ten points against a Democratic nominee wracked by scandal and dislike on the left.
           Challenging political correctness is not always synonymous with being rude and insensitive.
            The use of the Khans in this way at the DNC was a brilliant stroke as their Muslim heritage would give the news hook and the ferocity of the remarks were sure to get under the skin of Mr. Trump.
          Republicans tried a similar gambit in their convention with a weeping mother of a Benghazi victim, but it didn't get this kind of traction, in part because Mrs. Clinton was able to brush it off because she does so few media appearances.

Khizr Khan, Father of Fallen U.S. Soldier: Trump Lacks 'Moral Compass' - NBC News


Middle-Class Mike said...

"Trump gets Bitch Slapped!"

Mr. Trump is being publically 'bitched' slapped, because of an unforced error with the Hillary/DNC Khan's show. The Khan's son was a hero, the best kind - totally selfless in the sacrifice of his own life to save fellow soldiers.

The Hillary campaign exploited them during the DNC Convention, and now they're on every Network doing the 'Gold Star' family shtick The Hillary campaign schooled them into calling themselves a 'Gold Star' family, and that 'Gold Star' term is being uttered by Hillary all day long!

I believe this 7 pt. lead indicated by the CBS Poll won't hold up more than a week. I think the Khan family would be wise to understand the shelf life of their MSM is ending, with media overkill on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, the Khan appearances have about run its course.

In the end Mr. Trump will move back to the issues, and they are the Middle-Class, Terrorism, and securing our borders.

Mr. Trump made it look like they could play him this week and they succeeded beyond their wildest expectations.

Another week like this and what should be a winning campaign is going to be a losing effort.

Mr. Trump: Think before you speak! Hillary is cunning and always waiting to use your own words against you. Don't make it easy for her and the MSM!

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Old rule of politics, and life. When you find yourself in a hole, step one is to stop digging. He can't seem to put the shovel down.

Anonymous said...

To think being a "Gold Star" family is a shtick...sad.

Anonymous said...

NoClass almost starts making sense then he begins giving trump campaign advice as if he reads this blog. Back under your rock mikie...

Anonymous said...

Lets face it trump is no one to run this country and no one but pissed off people that didn't want a black man in office want Trump. No way should this man even get close to any type of power . Everyone gets after Mrs. Clinton for things that happen in the world if you had thousands of emails would you remember all of them no. Or saying she killed those four men. Come on there is a chain of people they go thru to get things to happen in the military and they dropped the ball. Trump is a big name calling baby and his wife is nothing more than eye candy and a you know what. Do you all want that kind of President not me come on wake up scared white people use your heads.

Anonymous said...

I agree Mike but the wife had no trouble talking today did she... Or I should say as Kahn did ask Mrs Kahn..
But your right every time Trump has a brain fart
he has to step back and think..
Hillary is getting roasted alive to day on the Bengazi lies and her Email lies

Anonymous said...

Trump is toast, the damn fool shoots himself in the foot continuously and is a fool

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

"Unforced error" GMAFB ... this stuff is in Trump's DNA ... he can't help himself.

Also, material for his next reality show - bet on it.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, that would be what a politician would do. What people love about Trump is he doesn't cower to this politically correct BS.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

The Clinton team and the DNC did not exploit the Khan's loss. Some who post here an say that - well shame on them. They should stop justifying and mitigating Trump and his BS antics.

Anonymous said...

MCM, is it that Hillary is cunning or Trump is just stupid? When asked what he's sacrificed "I've built buildings, employed thousands, had huge success". Sadly, this probably is the extent of any sacrifice he's ever made.

Just what we need. Another meglomaniac in DC, as if we don't have enough there already.

Anonymous said...

Sad state of affairs for the once proud Republican party. Donald Trump never once was remotely qualified to be in this position and what was obvious to most is happening now. I get it, the current President and Mrs. Clinton one could argue also falls into the same category. Hate everyone, we are number 1, punch people in the face, it was amusing for a bit but now the real Donald is stepping up. And because the party is in such shambles, a crook, felon and liar, like Hillary Clinton, the most unpopular presidential candidate with our military in history, has a clear path to the White House. Short of her having a physical collapse, her past lies, deceits, business practices, murders, etc..will all get swept under the rug. Until the Repubs. figure out the media runs the show here in the ole USA get used to it folks. Benghazi, emails, etc., it does not matter. Get ready for the worst 8 years of presidency in the brief history of the US. I still have not heard anyone who is voting for her say why they think she should be in charge. It's always about no Trump. The Dem's don't have a good reason to support her and she will win in a landslide. Hate just doesn't sell Don.