Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s run-out-the-clock strategy - POLITICO

      With only 76 days left, a still fawning media, an erratic opponent, and a boatload of money, Hillary Clinton is well positioned to just run out the clock on this election....taking her automatic Dem vote and the never Trumper Republicans to a win.
       Like her hubby it won't be a majority win, as Donald Trump finds his stride the third party candidates garner numbers. Doesn't matter. A 45% win gets you 100% of the Presidency and the power the Clintons have sought.
       Yesterday's AP story on pay to play access was dismissed as "cherry picked" data. Now she can't argue the press is against her, so that's the argument. People living in markets where media doesn't subscribe to the AP don't know what I'm talking about.
        She can refuse press conferences and plod along at her own pace. Most votes are baked in by now and she has such enormous percentages of certain demographics, it's hard to deny her.
        Mrs. Clinton has had a rough week on the Foundation issue alone, but Carville says its a "five star" NFP that the destitute in Africa can't live without. No one else can do what the Clintons have done....No one !
         I'd do what they are doing....Hunker down...take the incoming....make the opponent and unacceptable alternative.
         Again...when its a choice between corrupt and crazy....a majority will choose corrupt...It's that simple.
Hillary Clinton’s run-out-the-clock strategy - POLITICO


Anonymous said...

Damning article in the National Review:

For 2013, only $9 million in philanthropy out of $140 million revenues, the rest salaries and expenses including Chelsea.

These people are pieces of shit.

Anonymous said...

What does this have to do with my freestuff?
We need more womyn in politics. We need a womyn president.

Every single late night show opens up with an anti Trump "joke".
Our only hope is if the cupcakes and snowflakes stay home. (which is not out of the realm of possibility)

Middle-Class Mike said...

I just feel the 'Trump' can't win crowd, who are perfectly willing to project a win for Hillary, inspite of recentbreaking news about the Foundation & emails, are undervaluing the publics disgust with corruption in gov't. Naturally guys like Carville will sell the MSM the 'baked in' BS, and say it will have no effect. Trust me, it's going to have an effect, &Hillary is going to lose this election!

Stay tuned....! Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

They are, 8:42, but on the golf course they are loved and cherished. Part matters, nation doesn't. Not to the owned and controlled, per se.

Anonymous said...

Trump is both Corrupt and crazy .

NY21inMD said...

The choice of either corrupt or crazy does identify, albeit by caricature, the two major candidates. The other part of the choice, however, is the party of the candidate. The Republican Party is incapable of governing this country. It is a a party of exclusion that dismisses women and minorities. Its collective head is stuck in 1980 anti-government policies of Ronald Reagan and southern conservatism. "Lower Taxes" and "Less Government" has been its economically destructive motto for decades. Now it can't decide whether it's for or against trade, for or against a more robust military, for or against LGBT rights, or for or against welfare for the needy. The Democratic Party is not without problems, especially with so many divergent viewpoints. But it has a hopeful view of where this country is going and of the positive role government plays in our lives.

Anonymous said...

Could not agree more 8:42.

Anonymous said...

I might add why would anyone donate to a "charity" where more than 93% of funds donated go to overhead?

Access, maybe??

And Carville pukes it's a "five-star" NFP.

Good that Preet Bahara is investigating.

Anonymous said...

Since back in the pre-Kennedy days the elections were fairly unpredictable.. After Kennedy sucked up to the black vote did the (breeding of African Americans start) black vote start dictating who won elections. Since that day people like Obama urged open borders and 11 million illegals n this country to get the Democrats free stuff and our country has steadily declined since.
If Clinton can run out the clock and get elected our country is shot forever and that is fact.

Anonymous said...

9:13 Sure Mike, and we believed that the honest AG Lynch was doing an independent investigation. Obama has corrupted all depts. of our government.

Nothing is going to come of this investigation including the NY Souther District Barahha. He is in on it too. Just to appear that there might be an investigation. Mike he was Schummer's Chief of Staff!

Had we had a better candidate than the one fed to us by our fellow conservative Hannity, Coulter, Ingram and Fox News we would not be in this position.

It's all a ruse by both sides, corrupt Trump family and corrupt Clintons.

Anonymous said...

10:01, I can actually live with that response. It is a party driven system. Trump, has no party. He is a democrat, over and over. Just playing us all for fools, hoping to maybe someday benefit from this charade. And, also knows that because the Democratic choice is a liar, thief, crook, murderer, etc...he just might slip in through the back door. Mrs. Clinton could give a rats behind about the LGBT crowd, welfare, race relations, etc...don't be fooled. She, not unlike out beloved Governor just know how to motivate the crowd to vote. When it comes to the causes of those voters, they are first class fakes and have proven it over and over again. Sad state of politics we are living folks...sad days. Thank God we have the populace to overcome these slime balls who steal from their constituents. Trump is a jerk, Hillary is criminal...take your pick.

Middle-Class Mike said...

ANON 12:10 Preet took down (D) Speaker Silver along with (R)Sheldon, etc. and that proves its beyond Party with Preet! As for Hillary she's making a big mistake -- accusing the 4th Estate of Cherry picking on Foundation 'Pay to Play' scheduling when she was Sec. of State. The 4th Estate may still turn on her. Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Poor senile government pensioned in MD, he doesn't think we are being governed unless "governed" means "ruled with an iron fist from DC".

Anonymous said...

If you look at Arkancide, you will see a long list of capital crimes that could not be "proven" done by the Clinton's. The circumstances were so obviously and evilly flawed that the suspicion of murder STILL hangs over the Clinton's head. When, and if, you look at their history, one can come to at least the conclusion that the investigation of these capital crimes was more than just suspicious.
I do not know of any such history of Donald Trump. If there is, I am open to be shown it.
So, despite the bar room and bawdy language of Trump, I will vote for him because I cannot bring myself to vote for someone that has a past that is tainted with so much suspicion of murdering people to cover up illegal activities. I could tolerate "pay for play" more than I can just plain murder.
And I am open to anyone who can show me how suspicion still does not lie on justice being avoided in the past Clinton involvements. But before you say, "They were just not convicted"-look at what happened and the circumstances WHY suspicion still applies.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

More media focus on Hillary than Trump - why? Oh, yeah, he gets million in air time (no cost) from FOX ... never mind.

How trustworthy is the media reporting? ... take a closer look here >>>

Hillary in Salem, USA.