Monday, August 29, 2016

Headed to the White House, Huma Sacks the Perv

      With an eye on a role in a Clinton White House, long suffering bride Huma Abedin has finally left her sexting hubby, former Rep. Anthony Weiner.
      New revelations in the NY Post left her no choice.
      As the top aide to Mrs. Clinton....indeed her body person when on the road, Ms. Abedin is poised for high position in the White House and you can't be dragging the goofy hubby around any longer.
      Reports says Weiner was sexting a buxom brunette while lounging in bed where his young son also was.


Anonymous said...

Sounds alot like creepy Harry of the Ogdensburg police force. Forced to retire now facing federal charges on top of the local charges..
This is the result of a cop gone bad because no one had time to pull in his reigns when he was younger.

Anonymous said...

I blame it on all those progressives feminists. Right at the top of the list are Gillibrand, Hillary, Elizabeth Warren and can't forget
Nasty Nancy Pelosi. Why, they have made the males in the donkey herd eunuchs.

Ask yourself who are raising this young generation of weak men. The Pervs like Weiner has been emasculated. This is or was a cry to his fellow men that his manliness could only be shown through sexting.

Our young boys are being raised by liberal teachings, aren't being taught that there is a difference in the genitalia of little boys and little girls and that they are not born gay, tri, bi, les.

And if they want to be Mr. Rogers special person in the neighborhood that they first need to respect the other gender like female and male.

Weiner was an exception, he looked and acted unbalanced for years. He must have been fighting Huma that he was not a trani and wanted to remain male.

Who would even want to delve into the relationships that these feminist women have with their male partners. Sickening.

Middle-Class Mike said...

"Huma Abaddin & Hillary Clinton both married sexual Predators"

The fact that Huma Abbadin and Hillary Clinton married sexual predator's, and Bill hung around with Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted pedophile (source 'Clinton's War on Woman, by Roger Stone, Jr) seems to require Hillary to explain just why the American people should want Bill in WH as 1st husband. Clearly NYC rejected Huma's pervert husband Anthony Weiner in Mayoral race. Maybe Huma who's divorcing Anthony Weiner, she can explain to Hillary why Bill in WH is bad for the Country. Note: Hillary should know that already, but needs a refresher course!

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Billy will now be able to chase all the more skirts while Hilly has her to herself.

Anonymous said...

Bill clinton to Huma: "want to get even"!?!

Anonymous said...

Why do these women stick around when their husbands (or fiancés) totally humiliate them so publicly?? I don't care what anyone says, if a man behaves like this, he purely and simply does not respect his wife. He doesn't care about her and how his behavior will impact her. He only cares about himself. And yet time and time again, we see the "good wife" standing beside her man after he's humiliated her. It's even more absurd when the woman actively defends the man, denies the activity or talks about their special bond (or their special time in their lives or whatever other dumb thing she says to herself so she can sleep at night). It's unbelievable! Smart, independent women turn into doormats. It's totally amazing to me. We saw it first hand with our own local congressional candidate's cheating scandal and then we all had to sit there and pretend to be happy for the woman at her wedding just 3 months later. I can't comprehend why anyone would ever allow themselves to get treated so poorly. At least Huma FINALLY stood up for herself!

Anonymous said...

5:51, you are a shrew. Its not always about you. There is nothing humiliating about your husband get a little on the side. It just means your husband is hot enough to get some. Quit being selfish and help your ol' man get a little on the side. There is nothing more humiliating than a man who says he is never going to boink another woman. What man wants to do that, willingly? American women need to be more like European women or maybe middle eastern women.