Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Friot's Finale

      The massive John Friot send off took up a big chunk of the news tonight.  Well deserved kind words for a guy who carried the department for over thirty years.
       Good thing the news director at the time had the sense and vision to hire someone so lauded today.
        At the time we had to get a 50 mile radius carve out in the NABET contract to allow his work without a union camera man.  Those days are gone.
         He had to send material down by bus as I recall and we rented him an office in Canton near the county building.
          At the time I chose John over John Moore who ended up coming to TV 50 before reaching the promised land on Arcade Street.
           The on air tribute was Papal in length, but it's always good to see old video especially when it reminds us of how good looking we used to be.


Anonymous said...

What do you mean "we" kemosabe?

Anonymous said...

Friot deserved the accolades.

He has seemed a very upstanding, informative reporter during his career.

His style and reporting will be missed.

Anonymous said...

John is a class act . Had the pleasure of dealing with him on numerous occasions . John was always straightforward , always professional and frankly the guy was everywhere .. Good luck John in your new role .

Anonymous said...

Hire Rain!