Tuesday, August 23, 2016

FOXY NEWS in More Trouble as Tantaros Piles On

   FOX News is a tough place to work. All those beautiful people.....Wearing short skirts on air and crossing their legs back and forth for the cameras....It all may be toned down as the women fight back against the harassment and objectification.
     Why the other day on The Five, Kimberly Guilfoyle wore pants while sitting at the end seat at the table.
      It was only a one day protest....
       Bottom line is this is show biz and looks and sexuality matter. You have to remember that even if you are are smart and talented, a lot of the reason you are there is looks. Doesn't mean you have to put out for these old men...but you have to look good for the audience and that will result in being hit on by guys who don't act like management but as frat boys.
      But no, the boss shouldn't be doing it...although who was that CBS news exec who married a morning anchor a while back ?
      Goes on all over in news....Tell me Brooke Baldwin doesn't get hit on at CNN. Even in the early 80s locally there were stories to tell....Probably not much of that now as the work force ages.



Anonymous said...

What about all those Pretty Boys @ ESPN that are required to have views that only support the network.

Talk about employer harassment.

Anonymous said...

I think you mean heshe's

Anonymous said...

Faux News should be dumped in the shitter . Those cretins have never been a serious news entity . Lowlives abound there and ignorance reigns supreme.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the ignorant label. The left scours the gutters and ghetto's of America for miscreants and lowlifes they can send to our state schools on "scholarships" that are nothing but a government nipple to the "elite educators". There they are taught, in the one semester they typically last, that they must VOTE LEFT.

The Left then runs paid adds that claim "more democrats attend college, than republicans". As if 4 months of dorm time, vs cell time or low income housing time is some indication of voter intelligence.

Meanwhile the average republican is working from the time they are in high school, right into their 70's, so we can all pay for the Left-Nut driven mess we have devolved into.

Go Hillary ! You can do it ! You can be the biggest criminal ever elected into our country's highest office. that should make you and your nipple'rs real proud.

Anonymous said...

You think Danny B wasn't ogled by upper management?

Anonymous said...

So every time you hit on a pretty girl,and she thinks no way,not this guy,she can sue you for millions of dollars? The courts are going to be super busy.

Anonymous said...

4:40 is typical of the trash that has infiltrated the once proud Republican Party. Bitter, unsuccessful white men, looking for someone to blame for their pathetic mistakes.

Anonymous said...

4:40 you could use some schooling , Ads are not ADDS .

EMoreover today many students live either at home or in off campus apts. The numbers of adult students returning for study is a significanyt percentage of collegiate enrollment

Oh and BTW the average college student still completes their degree rather than dropping out .

Richard Nixon was the biggest criminal to ever hold the Presidency resigning in disgrace before being impeached and lets not forget old crooked Spiro Agnew his VP

ANd at last count in this state we have Bruno , Skelos , LIbous all Republicans who ended up in the crow bar hotel and lets not forget ole Denny Hestert the perv Republican speaker of the House who was convicted for Sexual Harrassment

So most of your points are hyperbole not fact , but then again that is what ignorant people do to cover their lack of veracity