Monday, August 22, 2016

Elise Stefanik: Q&A on women in politics - Times Union

     I was going to read this article in the TU, but you have to subscribe to do so and while I understand there is value to the product of news organizations, it's just not worth the time registering and paying just to read one article.

     I am sure it was interesting though.

Elise Stefanik: Q&A on women in politics - Times Union


Anonymous said...

Nice mild lazy dog day of summer puff piece.

Stefanik has this race sewn up lock stock and barrel, with Stefanik getting the Teachs Union endorsement last week (Dannie, you still standing?). The union endorsement was the final nail in her opponent's lackluster campaign. They have vowed to assist her in getting out the vote and monetary donations.

How this is going to play out though and I thought her opponent was a sucker, he is just looking to get back to being on the public dole with a nice cushy job back in DC for his gal Hilldeabeast. So he takes one for the team, it was mutual, he is probably working already on the Beast's transition team.

Maybe Woolf has figured this out yet, who knows they are such a strange bunch. Maybe homeboy Middle Class Mikey has his own theories. Mikey, did he fool you?

Anonymous said...

That piece is up now, Mayor. I think the TU has a one day delay for nonsubscribers. Elise gives a nice shout out to our hardworking Senator Patti Ritchie too. I'm glad they are working as a team.

Anonymous said...

That was a disgusting interview. There was not a single thing she said that would not be said by an extreme leftist.
What is her obsession with gender about? She apparently believes her gender is who she is and why she got elected.

Here in Jefferson county we have a female city manager, a female city court judge, a female DA, a female state Senator, a female Representative and an effeminate city council. What does she want? No men in office whatsoever?

Instead of commenting on what Trump is tapping into and speaking out when he says something she doesn't like, she should take a look in the mirror and see what SHE is tapping into.

Anonymous said...

8:47 Blathering idiot, the article and the reporter was only focused on women in politics. She did a fine job on mentioning the few Republican women that succeed in the male dominated field of politics.

She gave a shout out to Ritchie, Little, Marchione and nationally two fellow female House Reps.

She is not tap dancing into anything, her comments appeared to be quite brief, notice not a mention of any Democrat females.

Dumbo, there are Dems., Indi, Conservatives to is seeking to obtain votes for that are not aligned and will not fall on Trump's sword like yourself.

Look at the heat that she is taking for supporting Trump.

Give it a rest.

Anonymous said...

She missed her opportunity to state that she is not a women member of congress, she is a member of congress period.

If she were honest, she could mention that a higher percentage of women vote than men which means millions more women show up to vote every year. If there is a lack of elected women it is because women are sexist and refuse to vote for perfectly fine female candidates like Sarah Palin just because she is a little dim, but love Obama, even though he is more dim.

Women consistently vote for the wrong candidate in hopes of getting more and more free stuff. In the long run, that free stuff stifle opportunity for them in the long run.