Monday, August 8, 2016

Donald Trump’s Frankenstein economics - POLITICO

    A controlled and on-message Donald Trump ignored provocateurs and received rounds of applause today as he outlined his economic package to Detroit Economics Club.
    However, the pivot was not accepted by the MSM which roundly denounced the speech, made fun of the delivery and continued to insist Mr. Trump's campaign is in turmoil.
     The lefty website Politico called it Frankenstein economics in a scary looking cover story.
      There is no doubt the media has decided it is their duty to defeat Mr. Trump, and whatever turn the campaign takes will not be viewed in any light but negative.
Donald Trump’s Frankenstein economics - POLITICO


Anonymous said...

Still amazing that he polls so high. No one has ever suffered so much negative propaganda thrown against them and still been so pop8ular.

Anonymous said...

I thought CBS gave him a fair shake on the speech. No hyperbole, no 'finger on the codes' bombast. Perhaps you are daintily overly- sensitive when it comes to the Donald, or journalism in general, Jeff.

Anonymous said...

By all means, let's continue in DannieWorld, where we have run up $19Trillion in debt, record numbers on food stamps, and more people not working than at any time in history. Yup, yup, I'm a clown. I thinks we should vote Donkey. How stupid can people be? The answer, as long as others are paying your bills, is disappointing. Who gives a puke? Not me. I have no kids of my own. I have no problem screwing yours.

Anonymous said...

Which polls are you referring to 749? I haven't seen any where trump is leading, in nearly two weeks.

Still proud of your perversion, huh 957? A brave admission from someone who spews so much vitriol towards anyone even slightly different than you. :D

NY21inMD said...

Donald Trump's speech was the same discredited Republican rehash of "lower taxes" and "less government," with a little anti-trade populism thrown in to satisfy the working class sops backing him. The main problem with our slow growing economy is the lack of demand from reduced wages and from consumer uncertainty left over from the Great Recession eight years ago. Businesses won't invest because there is no one to sell too. A comprehensive infrastructure program, funded by borrowing and taxes on the wealthy, will increase demand, raise employment and wages, and lay the groundwork for future economic growth. Both Trump and Hillary Clinton have proposed increased infrastructure spending, but Clinton's robust plan is clearly what's needed. It should have been done seven years but Republicans rejected the spending to deny Obama a second term. Still interest rates remain low and the economy does needs the boost so it's still a good policy.

Anonymous said...

11:10, I did not say Trump was leading in the polls. I said he is polling amazingly high.

Back in 1988, Dukakis polled better against Bush during these same months, than Hillary is doing agaisnt Trump.

Reagan running against Carter, polled in the lower 30's during the entire summer and he was still in the thirties in October.

Sure, Hillary is favored to win, but she always was, no matter who she ran against. But if I were a free stuff voter like you, I would be afraid...very afraid.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like New Yorker in need of an MD, has read the first page of his Keynes book. But but if he actually finished a chapter, he would understand that his donkey party keeps our demand higher than it has ever been in history.

His understanding of the economy does not stop with his lack of knowledge of Keynes. He doesn't understand efficiency. He doesn't understand the fallacy of the broken window economy. He doesn't understand that paying transgender black women contractors, in a social engineering experiment, to shut down roads/bridges and rebuild them at a snails pace, to a condition that was no better than the original, (save for a few trees and ADA compliant sidewalks/bike paths), is a giant waste of time and resources. He doesn't understand that his solutions stop or slows everyone from accomplishing what they otherwise would accomplish.

He doesn't understand the devastation Obamacare has done to the economy. He doesn't understand the devastation NAFTA has done to our jobs.

Come to think of it, it would be a shorter list to list the things people in MD DO understand:

1.) free stuff
2.) government pension

Anonymous said...

But, NY21inMD, a lot of us would like less government and lower taxes. That is the main priority for us here in NY, where small business like mine pay for all the administration, public works, state police, etc. When you have to meet a payroll, those are very attractive selling points. Is that tax on the wealthy going to help me pay my 5 minimum wage workers more $$? I am not saying your points are incorrect, but, I am not convinced they are correct. We have really struggled over the past couple of years adjusting to the new health care laws (my family personally, not my workers) and projecting forward with the minimum wage increase we will have to let one or two go and think about streamlining our hours. Workers Comp. tax is climbing. Insurance is climbing. Payroll tax is climbing, not sure where the borrowing will offset my costs. Please, do tell, I am all ears.

Anonymous said...

Government spending does not boost the economy. FDR did not save us from economic peril through the make work programs - it was World War II.

What is amazing is Hillary keeps polling so high. I understand Trump. He stands for what Americans are fed up with over the last 20 years. Do we say black or African-American, do we not giggle when we see an ugly man dressed as an uglier woman, is it racist if I support Trump, fly a "Dont tread on me" flag. With Hillary she is a proven opportunist, liar, phony etc, this is not just biased opinions, this is shown over and over, yet we keep fawning over her like she is the best thing since sliced bread.

God help us all. (If it is okay for me to say that)

Anonymous said...

Blah , blah , blah , yada , yada , yada , clinton wins in a landslide , the rest. Is noise on this blog

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

The media from either side cannot be blamed no matter who wins or loses ... that is smelly red herring.

The analysis of the Trump economic plan was honest, detailed and from many reputable economic experts - the media merely reported on that ... I have no problem with fair reporting, do you... oh, yeah, fairness is in the eye of the beholder -- I see, I see.