Monday, August 22, 2016

Donald Trump opens up new front in war against 'Morning Joe' | Daily Mail Online

      Stupid.....After a week of disciplined and good messaging, Donald Trump flew off the handle with the two love birds on Morning Joe, the one time political go-to show in the AM....Now mostly a shill for the Clinton campaign.
     That aside, you can't take the bait and Mr. Trump let loose with predictable insults against the show and co host Mika Brzezinski.  
      Ms. Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough do look silly in their audition for a job in a Clinton White House. However, Mr. Trump attacking showed his thin skin and petulance.
       But poor Joe, the former GOP MOC emasculated by Mika is but a shadow of his former days on TV. He wears a silly sweater in August and is now second fiddle to his gal pal.
Donald Trump opens up new front in war against 'Morning Joe' | Daily Mail Online


Anonymous said...

Everything he said was true, but can he just for the love of God keep that big piehole shut. Then we at least won't lose by double digits.

An study was just released by Oxford University, Trump has more traits that are much worse than Hilter and Hillary traits are more in line with Napoleon Bonaparte.

Both labeled psychopaths, Perry can you please do a follow up opinion piece on this?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Trump knows what he's doing.
It works for the Kardashians.
Now that you called Trump dumb, you should tell us how smart Hillary is.

Anonymous said...

I want to know if Trump has a history of people dying from "suicide", unsolved murders, or convenient "heart attacks" if they were potential deal breakers for him like the history for Hillary and Bill has been.
Maybe Trump has something to learn about international diplomacy to some people, but not others. But I don't think this "character flaw" is worse than the history of Hillary and her partnership with Bill.
This is exactly the reason I would vote for Trump. You can say the "lesser of two evils". But decide which "evil" would you like to see running our country when you realize the character "flaws" of each.
Past Presidents had a similar history as Hillary and Bill, but it was all kept quiet. In today's world, these historical things have a way of getting out. I am glad we know what we do about Hillary. I would NEVER have voted for Bill had I known them before.
This is not about politics, but personal character. It is one thing to have illicit affairs ignored, it is another to commit "greater crimes" and have them ignored.