Sunday, August 21, 2016

Dog Days Musings

   The week ahead is really the wind down for summer and the get ready for school and all the rest period.  Not much going on except the sneak preview at the Club #9 on Arsenal Street....Looking forward to seeing what Robert has done.
    I think there is a Council meeting but with the temperature only 70 on Monday, I think pool talk will die although Councilman Walczyk seems to be quite vocal in moving ahead.
     Did the City ever get that insurance money on the Vanduzee fire ?...The appraiser was looking at it back when I was in office. And what is going to happen there ?   Who set that anyway ? Guess it doesn't matter now.
    The Olympics are done, and the USA did well. Lots of medals and a trashed rest room.
     Will that River District Assembly primary ever get exciting and will the two losers support the winner ?  The answer is no to both questions.
      Prediction. In 20 years there will be no neighborhood bars in Watertown. The last generation of owners is getting old and it's too targeted an industry to attract anyone with business sense.
       Back to the HOTLINE tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Not exactly a difficult prediction, because in 20 years there will be NO businesses in Watertown, much less a bar. But the city will have a list of all the apartment owners.

Anonymous said...

Follow the money.. thats whose distant cousin was sniffing gasoline and smoking cigarettes that afternoon last summer over on Vanduzee.