Saturday, August 13, 2016

Controversial Rental Registration Law Goes To City Council Monday | WWNY TV 7

    I left the headline Channel 7 used....They must know something if they say the proposed landlord nanny law is controversial.
     We will see who introduces and seconds the law on Monday. and this is guaranteed election year fodder for next year as this will not be ratified quickly....I will say, if there are three votes, get it done quick because otherwise the opposition will grow.
     I for one am sick of being grouped with someone's view of low life landlords, and when my tenants have an issue I address it. And tenants have the right currently to lodge complaints.
     There's a mood in the nation...Maybe I was slow to recognize it but not unwilling to recognize it.
      Controversial Rental Registration Law Goes To City Council Monday | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News


Anonymous said...

Its just your typical advocating "journalism" you see from the corrupt media. Not that I don't wish with all my heart that it was controversial. But obviously it is not controversial.

Several of the commie bastards ran with this as part of their platform. They won. The only people who are opposed to this law, are landlords and people like me, who value freedom, and hate govenrment spending/laws that achieves no desired results. There are very few of us. Ergo, it is not controversial.

Anonymous said...

No more controversial than seeing my neighborhood turn into slum-land over the years. Something needs to be done about it.

Anonymous said...

How can government intrusion into private matters be anything but helpful, per se? 9:23, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Commie bastards? You must be in your 80s, relax.

Anonymous said...

8:14, what subject do you teach? Only in the ivory tower indoctrinated mind of a libtard teacher, is it considered passé to label commies as commies. While the commies will harp endlessly about the occasional business or bank that goes bankrupt, they are all too eager to bring about infinite more misery by bankrupting the government. As the dire economic future of the city looms, these city elders only take a break from fiddling to throw accelerant on Rome.

If the city is to survive without getting new huge repetitive bailouts from Albany and DC, it must rightsize its workforce and downsize its regulations. It must foster investment in the city. And by that, I don't mean give a giant PILOT to an out of town pay-to-play Cuomo crony, to entice them to build EBT-card housing.

Anonymous said...

Commies.. Hahaha

10:07 You do need to relax. What "dire economic future" are you referring to? What "commies" are "bankrupting the government?" The city has $10million of your tax dollars stuffed away in a savings account and they were able to ADD a police officer this year.

If things are so bad, run for office. Until then, put a sock in it until you know what the hell you're talking about.